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Fujitsu and INCM renovates Diário da República Electrónico’s infrastructure

May 15, 2009

Fujitsu Services has developed this consolidation and virtualisation project of the basic infrastructure of Diário da República Electrónico (DRE) for Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda (INCM).

The project, developed with the purpose of simplifying the operational management and of obtaining strong efficiency gains, offers INCM a responsive platform capable of supporting several products and services simultaneously. Such services can be implemented overnight, reducing, at the same time, the footprint of the solution and respective operating costs.

The solution, based on Fujitsu Technology Solutions’ PRIMERGY servers (most of them on a blade configuration) also supports the new DRE site, inaugurated in December 2008 in the context of the Simplex program, and enhances the public access to the Law, improving accessibility, organization and contents, and making more features available: Personal notes, hyperlinks, notifications and access by PDA's. At the technological level, this renovation project has reduced energy consumption by 77%, existing infrastructure by 86%, cooling costs by 25% and has streamlined the management of the solution.

According to INCM, the new infrastructure, implemented by Fujitsu, guarantees better user access (through a platform available 24x7 that supports more than 100,000 accesses daily), and more content (offers 2 million legal diplomas and 70.000 Diaries). Costs savings (streamlined operational management, associated with the consolidation and virtualização of the infrastructure, reduced the consumption of energy by 77%). The environmental and social responsibility aspects of the action were also enhanced, since the new technological platform allows the saving of 1.400 tons of paper per year.

Professor Estêvão de Moura, President of the Board of Directors of INCM, states: “Thanks to DRE, the INCM guarantees the access to the Law, assuring one of the basic rights of citizenship”.

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Date: 15 May, 2009