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  5. Office of Government Commerce (OGC) looking to achieve annual efficiency savings of £1-£1.5 billion

Government property efficiency savings rest on flexibility of IT

Office of Government Commerce (OGC) looking to achieve annual efficiency savings of £1-£1.5 billion

November 30, 2007

Fujitsu Services believes that the efficiency savings required in the civil property estate can best be achieved by the introduction of flexible IT and working practices across government departments. This is contrary to the alternative concepts of reducing the amount of room available to staff or relocating staff from expensive areas of the UK to cheaper ones – as suggested in this week’s National Audit Office (NAO) report ‘Improving the efficiency of central government’s office property’.

Fujitsu sees the significant savings highlighted by the OGC in the NAO report – in the region of £1-1.5 billion – as coming from changing the way Government works through IT, i.e. the ability for civil servants to hotdesk and log into computer and telephone systems from any desk; and by moving expensive services such as datacentres out of major cities to locations, where they are cheaper to house and run and can be operated on a shared basis. Not only will this lead to better space utilisation, but it will also result in lower IT administration costs, lower hardware costs, lower energy consumption, and more efficient use of resources.

Commenting on the NAO report, David Tryon, head of shared services at Fujitsu Services, said: “Government transformation and efficiency rests on flexibility – the flexibility, for example, for civil servants to hotdesk and log into computer and telephone systems from any desk, thus reducing the government’s significant investment in property and associated running costs. In our meetings with prospective customers of public sector Flex, we have found that this capability is often not supported by existing systems. One way of addressing this functionality gap, and realising the property gains highlighted above, is a move to a service such as public sector Flex, which provides this capability for flexible/mobile working and shared out-of-town data centres as standard. IT is therefore a genuine enabler for the changes highlighted and recommended by the NAO report.

About public sector Flex

Over the past year, Transformational Government has placed emphasis on improving the efficiency of corporate services and infrastructure to free up resources for front line service. To help achieve this objective, Fujitsu Services and the Cabinet Office announced a new framework in May 2007. Called public sector Flex, this framework provides information and communication technology (ICT) as a shared service across the public sector. The Cabinet Office has taken up the service itself and also acts as a purchasing authority for other public sector organisations. The service is supplied by Fujitsu Services. Flex offers Government bodies ease of procurement, guaranteed quality of service, significant cost reductions, environmental economies and enhanced functionality through common infrastructure and reuse of systems.

About Fujitsu Services

Fujitsu Services is one of the leading IT services companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa . It has an annual turnover of £1.74 billion, (€2.58 billion) employs 14,500 people and operates in over 20 countries. It designs, builds and operates IT systems and services for customers in the financial services, telecom, retail, utilities and government markets. Its core strength is the delivery of IT infrastructure management and outsourcing across desktop, networking and data centre environments, together with a full range of related services, from consulting through integration and deployment. Headquartered in London , Fujitsu Services is the European-centred IT services arm of the Fujitsu Group. The Fujitsu Group is a US$45 billion (€37 billion) leader in customer-focused IT systems and services for the global marketplace.

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Date: 30 November, 2007


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