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Fujitsu Wins ISPA Award for Best Hardware

Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe wins the prestigious Best Hardware Award in The 2005 ISPAs, recognising the capability of the company's GeoStream Access Gateway portfolio and its broadband deployment success.

March 01, 2005
ISPA Award

Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd, the leading supplier of high performance telecommunications solutions, has won the prestigious Best Hardware Award in The 2005 ISPAs - the 7th Annual UK Internet Industry Awards. Fujitsu won the award in recognition of its industry-leading GeoStream Access Gateway portfolio, the breadth of the solutions available, and their capability of delivering high-quality, high-capacity broadband services for network operators and service providers. In addition to the success of the multi-service broadband portfolio itself, the awards judges also praised the quality of Fujitsu's installation and support infrastructure, highlighting in particular the strength of the company's service-focused approach, and recognising the important role played by the company's commercially-aware account handling teams.

The Best Hardware Award was presented to Fujitsu at The 2005 ISPAs in London, on 24th February. It was received by Mr Shigeyuki Unagami, Managing Director of Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited, together with Pawiter Rana, Director of Engineering, and other members of the company's team, including Graham Bailey, Mark Fountain and Con McHugh. On receiving the award, Mr Shigeyuki Unagami commented: "It is an exciting moment for Fujitsu to receive this prestigious award. It reflects the hard work that our engineering and support teams have contributed to the success of the GeoStream Access Gateway, making us the leading broadband supplier in the UK and driving our growing success across Europe. Our whole company should take the credit for this award - the effort and its success are company-wide, and it reflects the immense achievement and the scale of the contribution made by all our staff. It is highly significant that the award judges cited the quality of our technology, as well as our installation and support services, as reasons for granting the award, underlining the validity of our team approach to delivering high performance broadband solutions. This award therefore recognises the importance of not just having the best technology - the overall value being offered to a customer is what really counts."

Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe win the Best Hardware category for the 2005 ISPA Awards

Pictured left to right: Fujitsu's Pawiter Rana, Mark Fountain, Con McHugh, Mr Shigeyuki Unagami and Graham Bailey, with Marc Overton of Wanadoo, who presented the award. (Photo courtesy of the ISPA.)

Winning the Best Hardware Award (sponsored by service provider Wanadoo) reflects the scope of Fujitsu's achievement in designing, developing and manufacturing its GeoStream Access Gateway products in the UK. Deployed in telephone exchanges throughout the UK, and with an installed capacity of over 3 million lines, Fujitsu's GeoStream Access Gateway is a Multi-Media Service Access technology platform, which enables homes and businesses to receive high-capacity broadband services. Multiple services can be delivered simultaneously, from fast Internet access and video-on-demand, to voice telephony using VoIP. Inherently scalable, the modular technology has been designed to drive down the cost-per-line to a minimum, and to be as cost-effective as possible for an ISP or network operator, whether servicing many thousands of broadband subscribers from a busy urban exchange or delivering broadband to small, remote rural communities.

The GeoStream Access Gateway technology platform forms a key backbone in BT's Broadband deployment strategy throughout the UK. With its design and manufacture located in the UK, the product's local focus enables Fujitsu to offer considerable flexibility in design development and supply management, with the companyâ>™s Birmingham-based engineering facilities representing the global centre of Broadband product excellence for the entire Fujitsu group.

The overall concept of GeoStream Access Gateway encompasses a number of sub-systems, interfaces and line-card modules, and it also includes smaller-scale variants, which are designed for street-cabinet deployment and for use in low-density rural areas. For example, the platform's smaller-scale variants are already deployed to deliver broadband within Scotland's Highlands and Islands region, including the Fair Isles and the Shetland Isles. The architecture of the platform is designed without a traditional connector back-plane, giving the system its plug-in modularity. This enables line cards to be used in various permutations, according to the mix of services - and number of subscribers - being handled by a particular exchange. The architecture contributes directly to the system's scalability, and to its high line density relative to its footprint, with the modular approach easing the installation workload and timescale. Line cards are available to suit specific tasks, including a design that accommodates traditional PSTN voice telephony. This enables seamless future migration to Broadband voice, to suit a service provider's sales strategy - the migration can be handled remotely, without the need for an on-site visit by an engineer. The multi-standards capability of the GeoStream Access Gateway offers support for the widest breadth of standards, including ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, SDSL, VDSL, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, PON, WiMAX and SDH - all from the same platform.

Forming a key part of the portfolio is the GeoStream Access Gateway Hub 1000, Fujitsu's next-generation Multi-Service Access Node. It can support many thousands of broadband users on a single ATM/Ethernet network interface, and is arguably the world's most advanced DSL platform, specifically designed to provide operators and service providers with leading-edge cost-efficient technology. Its smaller-scale variant, the Compact Module 8 economically serves up to 512 DSL customers and offers a variety of network interface options, such as STM1 and STM4 ports, but adds E3 and E1 IMA to address the lower bandwidth backhaul links typically found in the small and rural exchanges. Fujitsu's range of copper and fibre access solutions within the GeoStream Access Gateway portfolio provide support for video streaming, video on demand and voice over IP, as well as traffic aggregation for cost-effective backhaul.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Over 170,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.5 trillion yen (US$54 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. For more information, please see:

Fujitsu UK and Ireland is a leading IT systems, services and products company employing 11,400 people with an annual revenue of £1.7 billion. Its business is in enabling its customers to realise their objectives by exploiting information technology through its integrated product and service portfolio. This includes consulting, applications, systems integration, managed services and product for customers in the private and public sectors including retail, financial services, telecoms, government, defence and consumer sectors. For more information, please see:

About Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe

Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Limited is a major supplier of Broadband Access equipment in Europe and is Fujitsu's worldwide design location for access network solutions - including a centre of excellence for the development of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology. The company is also the leading provider of broadband solutions in the UK, with some 2 million lines deployed to date. Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe is focused on providing strategic end-to-end solutions, supported by complete turnkey services. Fujitsu is playing a fundamental role in the creation of "Broadband Britain" - from world-leading products and technology, through project planning, community liaison, cable laying and civil engineering, to installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

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