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Fujitsu Systems Europe sponsor of the 5th European LS-DYNA Users' Conference

In addition to the sponsorship, FSE engineers will present a technical paper about the integration of LS-DYNA within the SynfiniWay Grid platform. The abstract of this document reads as follows:

Fujitsu Systems Europe

March 31, 2005

Whether end-users need to access local or remote systems, to use a batch system or to run jobs interactively, they will always raise the same questions: “Which system can I run my job on?” and “How do I get data to the machine where my job will execute?” Users should only need to know what applications they want to run and where the inputs for these applications are located.

To answer to those needs, Fujitsu markets a middleware product SynfiniWay which hides all issues related to data and CPU location, and allows execution of complex applications via workflows. Two examples of workflows are described in this paper. In both examples the SynfiniWay middleware is used to find the optimal ALE mesh size using a remote computer (outside the LAN where the studies are launched).

Date: 31 March, 2005