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  5. MO technology is one of the most reliable methods currently available for storing and archiving data. MO drives are easy to use in practically any operating system environment without the need for special additional software, making them a simple, reliable solution for transferring, storing, and archiving data.

In its data security strategy, Koob Logistik opts for MO technology from Fujitsu Germany

MO technology is one of the most reliable methods currently available for storing and archiving data. MO drives are easy to use in practically any operating system environment without the need for special additional software, making them a simple, reliable solution for transferring, storing, and archiving data.

October 14, 2004

Over 750 new jobs will be created in the borough

MO technology is one of the most reliable methods currently available for storing and archiving data. MO drives are easy to use in practically any operating system environment without the need for special additional software, making them a simple, reliable solution for transferring, storing, and archiving data. Having recognized these advantages, Koob Logistik has integrated MO technology into its corporate internal data security strategy.

Koob Logistik GmbH, based in Munich , has been operating successfully for more than ten years as a broadly positioned local service provider for automated business catering and the provision of snacks. Koob Logistik looks after all aspects of catering for its customers' employees, supplying the necessary expertise and equipment for everything from providing, operating, and maintaining food and drink vending machines, water dispensers, and coffee machines to providing an office coffee service and designing entire solutions for the automated provision of business catering and snacks.

The company focuses on providing its customers with extensive support and consulting services. Its corporate philosophy is to achieve the highest quality in everything it does - not just in terms of the products it offers but also with regard to the quality of its services. Sophisticated logistics, excellently trained employees, and a well-stocked warehouse ensure that customer catering facilities remain operational at all times. In addition to selling, leasing, renting, maintaining, and repairing new and used vending machines, Koob Logistik also supplies high-quality coffee specialties. This allows companies to cater for their employees round the clock at the press of a button, without risk and without tying up capital. Koob Logistik offers catering solutions for customers and employees that extend to catering for an entire business.

At present, the company has 14 permanent employees working in management, sales and distribution, goods movement, operation, technology, accounting, and administration.

MO technology as part of the data security solution

Right from the start, Koob Logistik has worked at an administrative level with a multi-level data security strategy that is quite ambitious for small and medium-sized companies. Data is stored centrally on a Linux-based server with RAID Level 5 controllers for hard disks and daily backups using DAT tape drives. The entire IT approach is totally scalable. The structure is vectorized. The central server carries out a data backup once a day and changed data is additionally saved on DAT drives. An independent emergency power supply, activated automatically by the server in the event of a power cut, secures the server's hard disks. If this, too, is in danger of failing, the server autonomously shuts itself down in order to prevent data being lost.

Yet even this obviously sophisticated strategy does not provide one hundred per cent protection against data loss, as was shown by an incident that occurred while the central server was being relocated within the company. What happened was that one of the hard disks failed when the server was rebooted at the new location. It then also became apparent that the data backup onto DAT tape had not run smoothly, either. The company was in danger of losing its entire data, which would have inevitably led to bankruptcy. Everything - from bank accounts and invoice data to the location of individual vending machines - would have had to be painstakingly reconstructed. It was only with a lot of luck, combined with the appropriate expertise, that nearly all of Koob Logistik's business data could be saved. Since then, the management has realized how valuable business data is for the company and has introduced a third level of security - based on removable magneto-optical storage devices from Fujitsu Deutschland.

The managing director of Koob Logistik, Thomas Anderl, had previously worked in IT consulting himself. Together with Andreas Moser, who was his business partner at the time and is now responsible for the installation and administration of demanding IT solutions at Koob Logistik, he had already supported customers who used 5.25" MO drives at the beginning of the 1990s. He was therefore familiar with the advantages of MO technology and remembered the high degree of data security that they provided.

Having discovered tape backups to be an error-prone technology requiring intensive maintenance, Koob Logistik decided to stop using this method and implement, at department level, external MO drives with a USB interface and a storage capacity of 2.3 GB. Fujitsu MO drivers are installed on all computers - including the waterproof goods receipt terminal and the technicians' laptops - allowing MO drives to be connected everywhere. This means that data can be stored on MO drives at every single workstation. All employees have MO media of their own and are themselves responsible for using the MO media to back up the workplace data (such as business correspondence, databases, and quotations) that is most important for their areas of responsibility. The advantages are obvious as removable magneto-optical (MO) storage devices from Fujitsu constitute a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution for storing, archiving, and transferring important data. The flexible data storage media can be used universally - in practically any area and on all operating platforms. MO devices are easy to transport and offer full downwards compatibility.

Another advantage for employees at Koob Logistik is that they no longer require the assistance of an administrator in order to reproduce earlier datasets. In addition to this, the tasks of searching in the DAT process and restoring old data had been relatively time-consuming.

The objection that MO would enable employees to store and copy large quantities of company data without permission is pretty much disregarded by Koob Logistik. Firstly, the manager believes that there are always ways of stealing data, even if it is just on paper. Secondly, Koob Logistik is a distributor and does not store any development data or similar information that is not already accessible to the competition (e.g. manufacturer data and vending machine control).

The company relies on the long-term documentation possibilities of MO not only for processing warranties but also for maintaining and controlling vending machines. Damage, technical work, etc. are photographed at a high resolution using a digital camera and archived on MO media. In this way, the company is able to recognize whether or not complaints are justified even years later. As vending machines are currently operational for an average of 5 years, such documentation is extremely important.

Accounting data on MO/WORM

As part of the new tax code valid for audits since the beginning of 2002, in connection with the principles of data access and verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU) and the generally accepted principles of computer-assisted accounting systems (GoBS), SMEs are also obliged to keep digital records of their tax-relevant data for 10 years. At Koob Logistik, therefore, all accounting data relevant for tax purposes - such as payroll accounting as well as incoming and outgoing invoices - is saved on hardware from Fujitsu. For the purpose of daily data recording, the company uses the Fujitsu fi4110CU document scanner, which scans all incoming invoices and receipts. Data is then archived, using the "Doku-Bit" archiving software from Arcusoft, on the DynaWO 2300 MO/WORM drive from Fujitsu/GDA.

MO/WORM media are magneto-optical data storage devices to which data can only be written once. This makes it impossible for data to be manipulated or deleted without the company noticing. Each MO/WORM medium has its own signature, made up of features that can be neither manipulated nor copied. This means an original can always be distinguished from a copy. In addition, extensive reporting functions can be used at any time to obtain reliable information regarding the state and content of the MO/WORM medium.

Following two years of experience of how the archiving solution meets the new legal requirements, Koob Logistik has been positively surprised by the manageable volume of data to be archived. Despite the fact that extensive documents and all invoices are stored, the quantity of data is much smaller than had been expected. When 2.1 GB is reached, the MO/WORM solution automatically signals that a new WORM medium is needed. Nevertheless, a 2.3 GB WORM keeps the company going for several months.

Koob Logistik is extremely satisfied with the MO solutions from Fujitsu. Both the handling of the external drives and their "Plug & Play" capability make the task of storing data child's play - even for employees with hardly any IT skills. The drives do their work reliably and inconspicuously.

This year, Koob Logistik will not only implement a merchandising management system but also intends to further improve its multi-level data security solution by setting up a cluster server with permanent mirroring in a separate room, providing the company with up-to-the-minute protection against data loss.

About Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu is a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace. Pace-setting technologies, highly reliable computing and telecommunications platforms, and a worldwide corps of systems and services experts uniquely position Fujitsu to deliver comprehensive solutions that open up infinite possibilities for its customers' success. Headquartered in Tokyo , Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.7 trillion yen (37 billion EURO) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004.

PFU Imaging Solutions GmbH

Fujitsu PFU Imaging Solutions GmbH is an international sales organization of professional hardware and software products with activities in Germany , Austria , Switzerland , Eastern Europe/CIS States, France, and Scandinavia . Its spectrum ranges from high-end document scanners, hard disk drives, magneto-optical (MO) storage devices, KVMs, and printers on up to enterprise content management- and portal-software solutions of Fujitsu´s `Interstage´ family. The Munich / Germany-based company was founded in 1982 and is a subsidiary of the global IT-giant Fujitsu Limited ( Japan ).

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Date: 14 October, 2004


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