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The digital dichotomy: personalisation vs privacy

the digital dichotomy

Highlights from our latest Executive Discussion Evening

At our latest EDE we had some outstanding discussion and debate around our topic, ‘The digital dichotomy: personalisation vs privacy.’ We were joined by guest speakers Nathalie Nahai, Web Psychologist and Author, and Scott Seaborn, Global Mobile Strategy Director at Aimia, to explore the ever-heightening tension brought about by business’ ability to access and use our personal data.

On one hand, we have come to appreciate – even expect – personalisation, however something about the level of knowledge brands hold about us makes us feel slightly uncomfortable.

Our guest speakers provided some fascinating, and at times controversial, opinions on the subject. Nathalie Nahai, pointed out that personalisation is not new, but that it has become increasingly sophisticated thanks to the power of digital technology. She highlighted that although consumers are concerned about their personal data, this rarely translates into protective behaviours – most consumers are accepting of personalisation tactics, provided they get it right.

Scott Seaborn insisted that too many businesses miss the ‘human touch’ when it comes to personalisation. He asserted that personalisation needs to make customers happier as well as creating business advantage.

Both speakers felt that all businesses – technology companies in particular – need to be challenged to work more ethically, and to get personalisation right, to avoid a consumer backlash.

Highlights from the discussion are available on twitter, you can follow our event updates at @FujitsuUKEvents and #FujitsuEDE.

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