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- World Tour 2016 : Fujitsu UK

Fujitsu World Tour 2016

Industry-based interactive sessions

Using technology to attract the future generation of talent to the workforce

By 2025, at the current rate of employment there will be a skills shortage in the built environment and utility sectors. In this session we will explore how technology has a key role to play, in plugging the gap, and attracting young talent. Building a workforce that is ready for the future is essential, for a business to operate efficiently and build a connected infrastructure. Join us to discover:

  • What the future of workforce technology looks like
  • How to tackle an ageing workforce
  • How to transfer knowledge from one generation to another

Financial Services at a Crossroads: which way is right?

Join us for an exclusive session with Simon Jack, Business Editor and broadcaster, covering the latest business headlines on radio, television and online. After time spent as a corporate and investment banker in London, New York and Bermuda, Simon moved into journalism. He has reported for the Today programme and 5 Live's Wake up to Money and now covers business news on the 10 O'clock and Six O'clock News programmes and across all other bulletins, and has presented business and financial podcasts for the Daily Telegraph. Simon will share with us his insights into the structural and competitive changes taking place in the industry.

Defence as a Platform – building an agile ICT landscape for the MOD

David Lynam, Director, Service Development at the Ministry of Defence (MOD), will talk about his recently unveiled initiative to overhaul and enhance the MOD’s IT using Defence as a Platform (DaaP). In this session David will outline the benefits for the MoD of DaaP, which include:
  1. To provide users (whether in office or on the battlefield) access to the right information when they need it via a single identity access.
  2. To procure evergreen services that remain current in both technology and capability.
  3. To escape the lock-in of legacy contracts by procuring capability with extensive use of commodity services so ensuring that the MOD is agile and able to change in the future.

Connected Retail: joining the dots

The retail and hospitality sectors are often seen as leading the way in technology innovation, driven by ever-increasing consumer expectations. In this session we will examine the blurring of boundaries between the online and offline worlds, and highlight the role of technology in supporting the industry as it strives to stay one step ahead.

Delivering Digital Best Practice in Government

Departments and authorities face the challenge of a growing demand for high quality citizen services driven by global megatrends including urban migration and an ageing population. Much progress has been made in developing digital services but findings from Fujitsu’s Digital Tightrope report say that 58% of public sector organisations admit that success for the majority of digital projects is a gamble. Please Join us for a challenging panel discussion where digital practitioners in government, experts and analysts will share their thoughts on what has worked, what hasn’t and the lessons we can learn to achieve greater success together.

Education and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What does it mean for our learning institutions when digital is now driving so much of our thinking and our economy? During this session; alongside experts within education; we’ll explore what it’s like for education to keep pace with the wind of change powered by digital, and the ways in which the sector can harness this change to support in developing relevant skills for a digital generation.

Trust and the role of technology – media round table

Trust is everything. Whether creating, sharing or consuming content it pervades all parts of the digital experience. Whereas in its earliest form content was created to educate, entertain and inform, it’s now central to driving commercial business models, from promoting pizza to selling space travel. At each hand off across the value chain, there needs to be digital integrity in establishing trust to deliver a seamless experience. Any breakdowns will erode trust and damage brand, ultimately destroying value. And fragmentation across systems and processes makes the challenge so much harder. In this session, we look at what digital trust means for broadcast and media organisations, the common business challenges, and explore the role of technology in protecting your organisation.

Intelligent mobility: the digital future of travel

Intelligent mobility is a vision for a future transport network that is vastly more ‘passenger-centric’, embracing the concept of mobility-as-a-service as distinct from independent transport modes – a shift that will transform the way we travel – with digital technology at the heart of its success. Panellists from Heathrow Express, Highways England and Transport for London will share their views on the impact of digital technology, and the ways in which it can transform our transport network:

  • Improving access to passenger transport and the transport network
  • Integrating services to deliver seamless end to end journeys
  • Understanding and influencing travel patterns and matching supply and demand

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