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Fujitsu World Tour 2016


11.15 – 11.45 – morning breakout session 1

Technology megatrends driving change

The world is changing dramatically – wherever we live and work, we are all vulnerable to the same risks and share the same challenges. The world’s population has just passed the 7 billion mark and continues to grow and evolve. We are ageing and increasing numbers of us are migrating to cities, putting ever-more pressure on our social infrastructure. Climate change is increasingly real and increases the pressure to find more productive and efficient means of providing food to the growing global population.
In this session we will explore how digital can help us respond to these ‘global megatrends’ to create a world in which businesses and individuals can thrive and prosper. We will explore the ways in which the collision between the physical and digital worlds can create opportunities for us all, by harnessing the power of technology in the digital world.

Hybrid IT – how cloud can support the journey to digital

When it comes to digital enablement you want to fail fast and fail cheap or succeed and scale cost effectively to get your product to market fast. Come and hear how Fujitsu's Digital Enablement Platform can help you achieve  both these things and really stand out from the crowd through Integration, Orchestration and Service in the digital economy.

The hyperconnected world - making sense of IoT: from sensors to digital transformation

In 2020 we predict that over 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet and we call this the hyperconnected world – more commonly known as the Internet of Things. There is much hype about the Internet of Things, but what does it mean in practice? How does it work and what are the benefits? By blending sensor technology, networks and the cloud we can connect people, information and things to generate valuable information that can be interrogated and analysed to inform major business decisions. This is particularly powerful in industries where large volumes of assets or data need to be managed to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

The threat landscape: the security challenge in the digital world

Every week seems to bring a new report of a successful cyber-attack. Many breaches go unreported, and many more (most, perhaps?) go undetected. Victims are very sophisticated firms staffed by highly intelligent and motivated people. So how come the attackers get through? We continue to see common issues which raise fundamental and persistently unaddressed questions about information security. At the heart of the problem lies the increasing volume of data – spotting anomalies can be a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In this session we will be examining the challenge of cybersecurity and how you can be as prepared as possible.

11.55 – 12.25 – morning breakout session 2

Creating a digital culture

Responding to the digital agenda presents a range of challenges, not least of which is an enormous cultural shift. As disruption across all sectors takes hold we are being forced to embrace a new set of values that will challenge the thinking and behaviours of your people. Admittedly, these values may be uncomfortable as people gradually face up to the reality that the stability of the pre-digital world has evaporated. In this session we will highlight some key steps you can take to ensure your organisational culture and the behaviours of your people are supporting the move towards a digital culture.

Can Fast IT really be robust?

There is lots of talk about Fast IT – using disruptive technology to increase pace, transform user experiences and create new business models. But as new teams and Shadow IT cut across traditional IT disciplines you need to feel secure that you have a firm foundation for your digital future, whilst embracing digital technologies. How can organisations reconcile the seemingly incompatible worlds of fast and traditional IT and how can they co-exist? Join us for a lively debate to explore how you can achieve the perfect balance between Fast IT and traditional delivery - with real-life examples from Fujitsu’s Digital and Hybrid IT experiences.

Virtualising the network to enable the hyperconnected world

Digital businesses can’t operate without robust networks; connecting everything is dependent on enabling technologies such as networks and cloud. In this session we will consider the move from fixed to virtual networks, the future of connecting Private and Public Clouds, and Software-Defined WANs – all of which underpin the digital world. We will describe how these services can be orchestrated and demonstrate some of the latest technologies supporting digital transformation.

Realisation of the digital workplace - innovation AND cost reduction

Over the last 12 months market hype around the Digital Workplace has intensified, promising the simplicity and cost reduction of cloud services AND the ability to innovate. How are businesses realising these promises whilst managing legacy services? The workplace is changing thanks to trends such as cloud, mobile, social and big data. Come and find out how you can create a smarter, more effective workplace by exploiting the array of technologies on offer.
Delivering on this is beyond the means of any single solution. However, we will be talking about the steps you can take to start to realise a digital transformation programme for the workplace. Join Fujitsu and Microsoft as we discuss real examples where Windows 10, Azure and Office365 are being used to realise cost savings AND productivity benefits as part of the transition to the digital workplace.

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