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Get Started with ScanSnap Cloud - ScanSnap Cloud : Fujitsu UK

ScanSnap Cloud takes paper to your cloud

ScanSnap Cloud

It's easy to make ScanSnap your instant paper on-ramp to your cloud service used to store documents, business cards, receipts and photos.

Getting Started - 3 Steps to ScanSnap Cloud

Three steps and you're ready to use ScanSnap Cloud:

1. Download the App

First, download and install the mobile app or the small application for Windows and Mac devices.

app store

google store


Windows Download


2. Now connect your ScanSnap iX500 or iX100 and create your ScanSnap Cloud account

Launch the installation routine and you'll be guided through setting up your ScanSnap iX500 or iX100 to directly connect to your WiFi network, which can be your local WiFi router or even your mobile phone access point. You’ll be prompted to create your ScanSnap Cloud account.

3. Tell ScanSnap Cloud where to send your scans

Decide where your documents, business cards, receipts and photos should be sent to after ScanSnap Cloud has enhanced the images and classified the content.

You can have ScanSnap Cloud automatically name content identified as ‘document’. ScanSnap Cloud supports automatic file naming by extracting text from document headlines and adding date and time information.

ScanSnap Cloud options window

ScanSnap Product Info

iX100 / iX500 CTA with imagemap

Regional Coverage

ScanSnap Cloud availability in your country