Fujitsu co-creates with various partners to enable secure, scalable and flexible IoT solutions.

The high-quality Fujitsu modules and (sensor) beacons are only the hardware. With Fujitsu IoT Connectivity we offer easy- to-use, customizable and safe solutions for various IoT application areas, such as lighting, Smart metering, Asset management and Sensors in industrial automation and smart building.

The Fujitsu IoT Connectivity Solutions summarized

With the wireless modules, the (sensor) beacons and different partners Fujitsu offers a one-stop-shop for a variety of solutions and markets. If it is indoor navigation, asset tracking or even asset management, MESH networks for lighting, sensors, smart city and many more, Fujitsu IoT connectivity brings all together and can customize the best solutions for the individual markets.

De-centralized MESH networks

With partner Wirepas, Fujitsu has co-created a reliable, optimized, scalable intelligent MESH network on the Fujitsu wireless hardware. Enabling this IoT connectivity MESH network on the wireless modules and beacons and making a complete solution based on the specific requirements from any market.

Any Sensor to IoT connectivity

Cratus technology inc. developed a strong solution to interface any …….. to any of the radio technologies available. Fujitsu uses this intelligence and brings it to their modules, beacons and can integrate it in a customized combination of solutions.

Bring IoT to the Cloud easy

With enmo software the beacons can have an extended Advertising mode and not require Discovery & Pairing while passing large payloads (tens of thousands of Bytes). We call this technology IoT.Over.Beacon™

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“In the constantly evolving and growing IoT market, customers are looking for upgradable solutions instead of just hardware. This is exactly what we are bringing into to the market, together with Wirepas. For Own Equipment Manufacturers, we offer our wide range of wireless modules with Wirepas Connectivity embedded.”

Dennis van Doorn
Marketing Manager Wireless Solutions
Fujitsu Components Europe B.V.


Fujitsu Components IoT Connectivity Solutions are developed for professional IoT applications, no matter the scale. Applications include Sensors, Asset Management, Smart Metering and Lighting, all of which have very diverse requirements on range, throughput, latency and energy consumption. The solution provides flexibility, fit-for-purpose and, if needed, customization on all these parameters and the hardware too.

Fujitsu Components offers complete solutions for a wide range of markets such as smart Lighting, Asset Management, Beacon Managements, Sensoring and more. Besides Beacons and wireless modules Fujitsu is able to offer a complete IoT Connectivity Solution developed for professional IoT applications, no matter the scale.