IoT seems to be the magic word in all industries and all markets.
With some spin off abbreviations like IIoT, Industry 4.0, and more. What the market requires is to improve connectivity, efficiency, scalability, creating time and cost savings. For some, IoT is all about cost saving thanks to predictive maintenance, improved safety, and other operational efficiencies. For others, it is localization of assets and their condition. The challenge is to make IoT easy to integrate as electronics on pcb level, as complete IoT devices or as complete IoT connectivity solution in a network.

Fujitsu co-creates with various partners to enable secure, scalable and flexible IoT solutions.
The high-quality Fujitsu modules and (sensor) beacons are only hardware. With Fujitsu IoT Connectivity we offer easy- to-use, customizable and safe solutions for various IoT application areas, such as Lighting, Smart metering, Asset management and Sensors for industrial automation and smart building.

The Fujitsu IoT Connectivity Solutions

With the wireless modules, the (sensor) beacons and various partners, Fujitsu offers a one-stop shop for a variety of solutions and markets. Whether for indoor navigation, asset tracking or even asset management. Utilizing MESH networks for lighting, sensors, smart city and more. Fujitsu IoT connectivity brings everything together and can customize the best solutions for individual markets.

De-centralized MESH networks

With partner Wirepas, Fujitsu has co-created a reliable, optimized, scalable intelligent MESH network on the Fujitsu wireless hardware. Through enabling this IoT connectivity MESH network on the wireless modules and beacons Fujitsu creates a complete solution based on any markets specific requirement.

Sensors to IoT connectivity

Cratus technology inc. has developed a strong solution to connect hundreds of combinations of sensors and store and transmit their data. Fujitsu uses this intelligens to visualize data on mobile devices and augmented reality headsets and brings it to modules and beacons to integrate it in a customized combination of solutions.

Easy IoT to Cloud connectivity

Enmo Technologies has solved a major limitation of Bluetooth IoT. When retrieving sensor data from an IoT device it requires discovery & pairing. The Advertising mode in Bluetooth, does not require Discovery & Pairing. The Advertising mode doesn't have a provision to pass a big payload, which is the entire purpose of IoT: passing a payload from the IoT device to the phone. Enmo has extended the Advertising mode eliminating the need for Discover and Pairing, additionally allowing the passing of large payloads (tens of thousands of Bytes). We call this technology IoT.Over.Beacon™. Fujitsu has applied enmo's IoT.Over.Beacon™ technology to the Sensor Beacon and modules. Together with the complete Smartphone Apps, IoT deployments can be developed and launched in minutes through the enmo Platform.

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