Conventional smart meters have brought benefits to both consumers and suppliers of electricity, water and gas, Connecting the meters to obtain a reliable dataflow has always been a challenge. Connected devices offer great benefits to utility companies saving tons on monitoring, billing and providing a wealth of information.

Electricity – more reliable and frequent connection provides a better picture of minute-by-minute consumption. IoT connectivity enables new possibilities such as monitoring the electricity grid.

Water – real time metering reduces cost to individual consumers and overall saving in water use. Fast reaction or alarm functionality in case of leakage improves service, reduces waste and lowers costs.

Gas – like other utilities, connected smart metering provides better data on consumption and cost to consumers and utilities alike. As with water, micro-amp power consumption makes batteries a feasible option with long life. Meters can be connected with gas sensors to detect leaks and warn of faulty appliances.


Traditional communication solutions for smart meters require the additional cost of a reoccurring network and data fees, hardware such as routers, repeaters and multiple gateways. Density, range and demanding environments with less reception such as basements pose a challenge to the network. Siting millions of meters close together is restricted if the metering solution cannot readily scale.

FUJITSU’s IoT Connectivity Solutions

Fujitsu is already a well known and selected supplier of wireless communication modules for smart meters. Now it can be combined with a de-centralized scalable mesh network.

The de-centralized wireless communication protocol allows an IoT smart meter to make all decisions locally and co-operatively. This enables the most reliable, optimized, scalable and simple to use connectivity for these devices. By using the IoT Connectivity solution each meter can function as a node and grow the self-organized network offering unlimited scalability. Adding over-the-air (OTA) update capability extends lifetime for hardware, additionally improving security and lowering total cost of ownership.

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