Improving your asset management systems need means implementing minor changes to the existing system. Ample gains in speed and efficiency can be achieved by fine-tuning existing processes and adding connectivity into the mix.

Making asset management work harder should not be intimidating and complicated. Existing solutions such as bacode systems are essential to the fabric of many organizations. Ripping them up and starting again is not only costly in time and resources – it can require process changes company-wide however when using wide area mesh networking the impact of the asset management solution implementation is less complicated. Locating objects and people with data from connected sensors enables major process improvements. For example:

  • Goods-in and goods-out use – know when goods arrive and when they leave

  • Inventory – tagged assets remove the need for manual work so stock levels are known at any time

    • Reduced error in picking – no need for printed lists, portable devices or maps to find the correct asset

    • Keep assets in perfect condition – sensor data such as temperature, light levels and acceleration tells whether assets have been mishandled

    • People as valued assets – people-count and location data keep staff safe and performing well

    • Challenges

      Technology choices for asset connectivity can have a positive impact on overall system simplicity and project ROI. With the right choice of technology, companies can concentrate on their own core business instead of gathering data by hand. Sensors, actuators, positioning devices, trackers and beacons all need to be accommodated within the system. It needs to provide wide coverage with affordable connectivity. Efficient use of radio resources is the key to operation where radio transmission may be poor and interfering RF sources are present.

      FUJITSU’s IoT Connectivity Solutions

      A wide area mesh network with a de-centralized wireless communication protocol allows connected devices to make all decisions locally and co-operatively. This enables the most reliable, optimized, scalable and simple to use connectivity. It is easily the best fit when discussing scalability up to millions of assets, with high density environments and when the operation requires a battery powered network. Readily installed to any warehouse, distribution center or factory floor, it enables data collection for reports such as: temperature, light levels and acceleration data to monitor how assets are handled. Your management can make effective business decisions and substantially improve process efficiency.

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