Technology Transformation – a positive force in a changing Britain?

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to take shape, Britain is witnessing a period of change as significant as any in history.

Technology is driving social and economic change to a degree which we cannot yet fully appreciate, and it is doing so at a time of political flux as Britain prepares to leave the European Union. Yet the broader international environment is nothing if not complex, with growing instability. In much of the developed world we are seeing a push back against globalisation, the full impact of which remains unclear.

In a world filled with uncertainties, where globalisation is as likely to be treated with scepticism as a model of future prosperity, just what is in store for Britain?

To explore how the British public feel about digital disruption and investigate the role technology plays in their lives, Fujitsu commissioned research into what a “transforming Britain” really looks like.

In addition, we questioned senior leaders from UK businesses to assess how their decision making is being affected by these factors, and how they feel about transformative technologies.

Download our Technology in a Transforming Britain research report PDF
Wanting progress, fearing change
of business leaders believe life in the UK has changed, but...
People icon
of the public feel negative about socioeconomic changes.
A Britain built on technology
of the public believe technology is driving societal change.
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of business leaders feel positive about the changes technology is bringing to their business.
Taking collective responsibility
of the public & 72% of business leaders are excited about technology change – but only...
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of the public feel fully prepared for the future.

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