Software Co-creation

Optimise your business processes with bespoke document capture integrations

Expert software development service for your document capture needs

Digital transformation is rapidly changing all areas of business. Scanning is the enabler that allows organisations to digitise, augment, organise and share information to fuel business growth and innovation, leading to organisational intelligence.

Scanning unlocks the flow of information through the business, and our software co-creation services ensure your business help meet your immediate and strategic needs.

Deploying the correct capture solution for your business is crucial for success. Utilising our Co-Creation Team's expertise to build bespoke capture solutions allows you to create the perfect integration to connect the industry-leading capture technology and your business processes. Increase security, reduce human errors and maximise efficiency with our bespoke software development service.

Our co-creation team have a strong track record of delivering the right solution for your exact needs, using agile best practice methodology and maintainable coding. In addition, our commitment to quality and local language support capabilities have seen us remain market leaders for information capture solutions.


Software Development Service

We can build a wide range of technical solutions to satisfy your business needs. These solutions can range from small projects to solve specific business problems to much larger information capture solutions. Our Development Service guarantees you a fully working product at a fixed price, minimising your risk and ensuring you have the best capture solution that’s available to you.

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Consultancy Service

Registering in the Imaging Alliance Program (IAP) gives you access to our consultancy service to successfully complete projects at speed. Enhance your customers’ scanners by gaining access to the tools, resources and code you’ll need to build innovative, capture-enabled scanner solutions.

By joining the Imaging Alliance Portal, you’ll gain access to our Software Development Kits, share best practice tips with other developers in the community and learn more about how our products can help you better meet your customers’ needs.

The Imaging Alliance Program is available to Software vendors, Integrators and Developers within Europe, Middle East & Africa.

For information on programs available in other sales regions, please contact

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Service

Our Enterprise service is for projects which require our developers to integrate their information capture expertise into an existing team working on a wider project.PFU has worked with our customers in the financial services, healthcare and public sectors to provide bespoke software development services to deploy the optimum capture technology within their complex environments.

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