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FEEU offers LEDs, Sensors, Modules & Resistors, Quartz Crystal Based Products, Connectors & Cables and Active Optical Cables.

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DOMINANT Opto Technologies is a dynamic Malaysian Corporation that is amongst the world’s leading SMT LED manufacturers. Since year 2000, the prime activities of the company are in designing, developing and manufacturing of opto semiconductor components, mainly Light Emitting Diodes.

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Sensors, Modules and Resistors

Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd. has been developing and supplying resistors, electro-mechanical parts, circuit boards, sensors, piezo-electric parts, module products since its foundation in 1943.

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Quartz Crystal Based Products

NDK (Nihon Dempa Kogyo) founded in 1948, is a major player in the market that develops and produces quartz crystal based products with a business philosophy of "contributing to the prosperity of society and world peace through their service to customers".

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Connectors & Cables

With a wide range of connectors, sockets and cable assemblies, Neltron provides the right solution for your products.

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Active Optical Cable

As a joint venture between the optical fiber and cable provider (YOFC) and a provider of integrated circuits for x86 architecture VIA Technologies, EverPro manufactures advanced Active Optical Cable regardless of protocol (USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI).

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Time of Flight (ToF) Camera

ToF camera from Inrevium is the promising solution that can be applied to a variety of applications that require 3D information in the industrial field.

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