FPC/FFC Connectors

FPC / FFC connectors are suitable to flexible printed circuitry or flexible flat cables. These are made of multiple individual wires / cable strands placed parallel to each other and covered by a protective flexible plastic material to form a flattened, single strip. Since the wires are protected individually and not wrapped many times over by different materials, flexible flat cables offer reduced space, lighter weight and more flexibility compared to round cables. They are particularly advantageous for applications where mechanical flexibility is critical, since FFC cable can be bent many times without damage.

FPC / FFC connectors are mainly specified by their pitch size, orientation (vertical or side entry), number of contacts and insertion force: ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) or Non ZIF.

Available products include:

  • 0.50mm FPC/ FFC Connector ZIF SMD Top Entry Type
  • 0.50mm FPC/ FFC Connector ZIF SMD Side Entry Top & Bottom Contact
  • 1.00mm FPC/FFC ZIF SMD Vertical Contact Type
  • 1.00mm FPC/FFC SMD Side Entry Top Contact Type
  • 1.25mm FPC/ FFC Connector NON ZIF SMD Vertical Double Contacts Type


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