EverPro Technologies is a joint venture between Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) located in Wuhan, China and VIA Technologies, Inc. with head quarter located in Taipei, Taiwan. YOFC is the worldwide #2 optical fiber and cable provider. VIA Technologies is a leading provider of integrated circuits for x86 architecture. Leveraging the IC design and optical fiber & cable design and manufacturing capabilities from VIA and YOFC respectively, EverPro is able to create the world’s first and best USB 3.0 AOC cable.

The creation of EverPro Technologies is focused to provide AOC centric solutions including their peripherals. EverPro has engaged in the development and research, manufacturing, and sales of the AOC related optical fibers, cables and accessories. In parallel EverPro makes and provides photo-electronic modules and photo-electronic connecting devices. It also provides AOC cables related system integration and engineering services.

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