Apollo3 Blue Ultralow-power MCU

Apollo3 Blue is the upcoming new MCU expanding the ultra-low power Apollo microcontroller family. It manages a further reduction in power consumption compared to the so far unprecedented values of the former Apollo generations. At the heart of the Apollo3 Blue MCU is Ambiq Micro’s patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT™) and a powerful ARM Cortex-M4 processor with Floating Point Unit. With its extended set of features and incorporated BLE 5, the Apollo3 Blue enables users to run sophisticated processes in hearables, wearables, IoT edge devices and voice controlled applications within an ultra-competitive power budget.

Currently available in beta stage for selected customers, the Apollo3 Blue is ready for mass production in Q1/19. First evaluation samples of the 81-pin BGA package and Evaluation-Kits are available upon request.

Apollo3 Blue schematic

Specifications and Features

  • Ultra-low supply current:
    • 6 μA/MHz executing from flash at 3.3 V
    • 6 μA/MHz executing from RAM at 3.3 V
    • 1 μA deep sleep mode (BLE Off) with RTC at 3.3 V
  • High-performance ARM Cortex-M4Processor
    • 48 MHz nominal clock frequency, with 96 MHz high performance
  • Burst Mode
    • Floating point unit
    • Memory protection unit
    • Wake-up interrupt controller with 32 interrupts
  • Integrated Bluetooth 5 low-energy module
    • RF sensitivity: -93 dBm (typical)
    • TX: 3 mA @ 0 dBm, RX: 3 mA
    • Tx peak output power: 4.0 dBm (max)
  • Ultra-low power memory:
    • Up to 1 MB of flash memory for code/data
    • Up to 384 KB of low leakage RAM for code/data
    • 16 kB 2-way Associative/Direct-Mapped Cache
  • Ultra-low power interface for off-chip sensors:
    • 14 bit ADC at up to 1.2 MS/s, 15 selectable input channels available
    • Voltage Comparator
    • Temperature sensor with ±3°C accuracy
  • ISO7816 Secure interface
  • Flexible serial peripherals:
    • 1x 2/4/8-bit SPI master interface
    • 6x I2C/SPI masters for peripheral communication
    • I2C/SPI slave for host communications
    • 2x UART modules with 32-location Tx and Rx FIFOs
    • PDM for mono and stereo audio microphone
    • 1x I2S slave for PDM audio pass-through
  • Rich set of clock sources:
    • 32.768 kHz XTAL oscillator
    • Low frequency RC oscillator – 1.024 kHz
    • High frequency RC oscillator – 48/96 MHz
    • RTC based on Ambiq’s AM08X5/18X5 families
  • Wide operating range: 1.755-3.63 V, –40 to 85°C
  • Compact package option:
    • 3.37 x 3.25 mm(<0.35mm thk pkg) 66-pin CSP with 37 GPIO
    • 5 x 5 mm (<0.5mm thk pkg) 81-pin BGA with 50 GPIO

Software Example Download

Software downloads having support for following toolchains / IDEs:

Embedded StudioSeggerLinkxxx
Embedded WorkbenchIARLinkx  


Apollo3BlueMCU templateCMSISEasy-start in main.c with an automatic generated and validated MCU Template with CMSIS conform configuration and startupapollo3blue_template-v11 (1.16 MB /apollo3blue template-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue GPIO exampleGPIOApollo3Blue CMSIS bare-metal GPIO exampleama3bevb_gpio _example-v11 (1.34 MB /ama3bevb gpio example-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue GPIO-IRQ exampleGPIO, IRQApollo3Blue CMSIS bare-metal GPIO with IRQs exampleama3bevb_gpio_irq_example-v11 (1.35 MB /ama3bevb gpio irq example-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue FAST-GPIO exampleFAST-GPIOApollo3Blue CMSIS bare-metal example for driving GPIOs with up to 25MHzama3bevb_fast_gpio_example-v11 (1.42 MB /ama3bevb fast gpio example-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue PWM exampleCTIMER (PWM)Apollo3Blue CMSIS bare-metal PWM exampleama3bevb_pwm _example-v11 (1.38 MB /ama3bevb pwm example-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue CTIMER exampleCTIMERApollo3Blue CMSIS bare-metal example connecting several CTIMER timers together and using a button as clock inputama3bevb_ctimer_ext_counter-v11 (1.36 MB /ama3bevb_ctimer_ext_counter-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue CTIMER pattern generator exampleCTIMER (PATTERN)This example for Apollo3Blue generates a 64-bit pre-defined pattern at GPIO 12 in hardware only by use of the CTIMER pattern generator featureapollo3-ctimer_pattern_generation-v11 (1.21 MB /apollo3-ctimer_pattern_generation-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue I2S output exampleCTIMER (PATTERN)This example demonstrates with use of STGL5000 how to generate I2S audio-output by use of two timer with one timer configured as pattern generatorapollo3-ctimer_pattern_i2s_sgtl5000-v11 (3.05 MB /apollo3-ctimer_pattern_i2s_sgtl5000-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue UART exampleUARTApollo3Blue CMSIS bare-metal UART exampleama3bevb_uart _example-v11 (1.36 MB /ama3bevb uart example-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue ADC exampleADCApollo3Blue bare metal ADC exampleapollo3-adc-v11 (1.20 MB /apollo3-adc-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue ADC exampleADC(IRQ)Apollo3Blue bare metal ADC example using interruptsapollo3-adc_irq-v11 (1.20 MB /apollo3-adc_irq-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue ADC exampleADC(IRQ)
Apollo3Blue bare metal ADC example using interrupts and CTIMER A3 as trigger for the ADC scanapollo3-adc_irq_ctimer-v11 (1.22 MB /apollo3-adc_irq_ctimer-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue clock generationCLKGENThe example generates a 12MHz clock by HFRC divided by 4 settingapollo3-clkgen-v11 (1.19 MB /apollo3-clkgen-v1.zip)
Apollo3Blue SPI exampleIOM (SPI)Example for using Apollo3s IOM as SPI in direct command modeapollo3-iom_spi_direct_cmd-v11 (1.23 MB /apollo3-iom_spi_direct_cmd-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue SPI exampleIOM (SPI)Example for using Apollo3s IOM as SPI in DMA modeapollo3-iom_spi_dma-v11 (1.23 MB /apollo3-iom_spi_dma-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue I2C exampleIOM (I2C)Example for using Apollo3s IOM as I2C in direct command modeapollo3-iom_i2c_direct_cmd-v11 (1.23 MB /apollo3-iom_i2c_direct_cmd-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue I2C exampleIOM (I2C)Example for using Apollo3s IOM as I2C in DMA modeapollo3-iom_i2c_dma-v11 (1.23 MB /apollo3-iom_i2c_dma-v11.zip)
Apollo3Blue RTC exampleRTCBasic RTC example to set / get timeapollo3-rtc-v11 (1.19 MB / apollo3-rtc-v1.zip)
Apollo3Blue STIMER exampleSTIMERThe STIMER can be used as a kind of hardware enabled scheduler in ultra-low-powerapollo3-stimer-v11 (1.21 MB /apollo3-stimer-v1.zip)
Apollo3Blue WDT (watchdog) exampleWDTThis example demonstrate how to use the integrated watchdogapollo3-wdt-v11 (1.19 MB /apollo3-wdt-v1.zip)


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