Apollo1 Ultra-low power MCUWith the release of the Apollo1 MCU Ambiq Micro proved what ultra-low power design can accomplish. Since then the growing Apollo microcontroller family provides the lowest active and sleep mode power on the market. With Apollo MCUs, designers of next generation wearables and IoT devices can take their innovative products to the next level by increasing battery life, adding more intelligent sensor processing, and fitting into smaller form factors.

Apollo 1 Block Diagram

Available Devices:

Part NumberFlashRAMPackageSize
APOLLO512-KCR512KB64KB41-pin WLCSP2.49 x 2.90 mm
APOLLO512-KBR512KB64KB64-pin BGA4.50 x 4.50 mm
APOLLO256-KCR256KB32KB41-pin WLCSP2.49 x 2.90 mm
APOLLO256-KBR256KB32KB64-pin BGA4.50 x 4.50 mm


  • Ultra-low active mode power consumption: 34µA/MHz (executing from Flash)
  • Ultra-low sleep mode power consumption: 143nA (with RTC on)
  • High-performance, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F processor
    • Up to 24MHz clock frequency
    • Floating point unit
    • Wake-up interrupt controller with 12 interrupts
  • Ultra-low power memory
    • Up to 512kB Flash
    • Up to 64kB low-leakage RAM
  • Ultra-low power interface for off-chip sensors
    • 10-bit, 13-channel, up to 800kSps ADC
    • Temperature sensor with ±4°C accuracy
  • Rich set of timing peripherals
  • Flexible serial peripherals
    • I2C/SPI master for communication with external peripherals
    • I2C/SPI slave for optional host communications
    • UART for communication with peripherals and legacy devices
  • Wide operating range: 2.2 to 3.8V
  • Compact package options
    • 64-pin BGA with 50 GPIO
    • 41-pin CSP with 27 GPIO


  • Consumer medical devices
  • Consumer electronics
  • Smart watches
  • Smart meters
  • Battery-powered applications

Apollo Documentation:


Apollo1 Product Brief v5.pdf


Sample Software

Example software is available in Ambiq Micro’s Control Center downloadable at http://www.ambiqmicro.com/

In addition Fujitsu Electronics Europe offers its own examples with all sources included:

MCU Template for Ambiq Micro Apollo 1 MCU: apollo1_template-v10.zip

Bare register based example: IOM SPI Master: apollo_iom_spi_master_example_v1.0.0.zip

Bare register based example: ITM printf: apollo_itm_printf_example_v1.0.0.zip

Bare register based example: UART: apollo_uart_example_v1.0.0.zip

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