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SeriesPartnumberSize (mm²)PinsPkg.
Apollo1APOLLO512-KCR2.49 x 2.9041CSP
APOLLO512-KBR4.50 x 4.5064BGA
APOLLO256-KCR2.49 x 2.9041CSP
APOLLO256-KBR4.50 x 4.5064BGA
Apollo2AMAPH1KK-KCR2.50 x 2.5049CSP
AMAPH1KK-KBR4.50 x 4.5064BGA
Apollo2BlueAMA2B1KK-KLR4.00 x 4.0064LGA
Apollo3BlueAMA3B1KK-KCR3.30 x 3.2065CSP
AMA3B1KK-KBR5.00 x 5.0081BGA


PartnumberTypeSize (mm²)Pkg
AM0805AQI2C3.0 x 3.0QFN-16
AM0815AQSPI3.0 x 3.0QFN-16
AM1805AQI2C with power management3.0 x 3.0QFN-16
AM1815AQSPI with power management3.0 x 3.0QFN-16

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