Fujitsu Limited, Panasonic Corporation and the Development Bank of Japan have consolidated the system LSI businesses of Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited and Panasonic in March 2015. This new company called Socionext inherited the experience of both companies which excelled in developing various imaging ICs for many years.

Due to the common history with Socionext, FEEU has a long history of selling and supplying Socionext products, even though Socionext was founded in 2015. The majority of the current Socionext product portfolio provided by FEEU has been developed when Socionext was still part of Fujitsu Semiconductors.

A significant part of the Socionext product offering is dealing with media processing with a focus on video. The available devices cover all aspects from video capture over video processing (encoding, decoding, transcoding) to display management. 

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