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Not only PCB manufacturing, but also a PCB full range service, or a PCBA processing business can be offered. Material procurement and SMT processing business, citing a Samsung latest multifunctional mounter, 8 lead-free reflow welding temperature region, lead-free wave soldering in EMS factory.

PCBA examples:


PCB Engineering
Being a professional PCB Manufacturer, not only the production of world-class PCB is offered, but also professional PCB Engineering technical support is provided. A strong PCB Engineering Support department with a very good reputation is available for your support.

Assistance with Impedance Calculations, as well as unique solutions to complex design issues can be offered.

  • Panelization or Board Array Configuration Provided
  • 1/4 mil plotting resolution
  • Over 200 Design for Manufacturability checks
  • Complete file editing capabilities
  • Compatible with all common PCB design software
  • Gerber files
  • HPGL files
  • File Conversion

Software Tools:

  • Mentor PADS 2007
  • Valor Genesis 2000
  • Advanced CAM technologies CAM 350
  • Lavanier View 2001
  • Mania Silver Writer 8820 Photoplotter
  • Carnfeldt GL 361 Film Processor
  • Gerber Cresent 30 Photoplotters
  • Kodak Kodamatic 66S Processor

PCB Prototype
Whether you are new to PCB Prototype or the need for getting Prototype PCB fast to meet your schedule then you have come to the right place. Hundreds of PCB designers get their first PCB Prototype manufactured here. There is no limitation in the number of PCB Prototypes, even a plate of PCB Prototype orders can be accepted.

Of course, not only Printed Circuit Boards can be provided, also professional and efficient service is available. The technical support team has 10 years of working experience in the Electronics Industry, allowing people of various experience levels to work with us. When you are in the product development process encountered in the Printed Circuit Boards and related issues, we can provide you with timely technical support.