Shinko High Density Substrate

IC Package

Shinko offers a wide variety in IC- Substrates, ranging from 2 Layer Substrates in through-hole type to high Layer count with high-density routing.

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Device Embedded Package


Shinko undertakes IC package assembly on consignment, and use plastic laminated substrates, tape substrates and interposers to perform assembly. Package types available are BGA, CSP, and others.

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Shinko Heat Spreader


Shinko's advanced packaging solutions include heat spreader, glass-to-metal seal and electrostatic chuck components.

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Upcoming Products

POL (Power Overlay)

is an advanced embedded packaging solution for power electronics.

Wireless Sensor Module

has been developed by Shinko to perform as a build-in small sensor module for IoT edge devices.

Micro Loop Heat Pipe

is a thermal solution for electronic devices.

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