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High-End PCBs and Interconnect Technologies, Advanced Packaging, Standard & Advanced PCBs.

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High-end PCB and interconnect technologies

High-End PCBs & Interconnect Technologies


Innovative F-ALCS technology which Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies (FICT) has developed is able to meet any customer needs and requirements about printed wiring board manufacturing.

Multilayer PCBs

HDI PCBs provide a total solution including design, manufacturing and assembly for automotive, IoT modules and Omnipresent products.

Hybrid PCBs for advanced semiconductor device testing probe cards, performance boards and burn-in card PCBs.

Substrates with Ultra-Thin & High-Density wiring structure, applying core layer free, full build-up, and full stacked-via technology.

Solution Services

PCBs assembly services include Prototype Assembly, Reliability Evaluation and Failure Analysis.

Comprehensive board-design solutions across all stage of the product development from circuit design through prototype development to mass production.

Simulation & Consulting services include Electrical Simulation and Physical Simulation including Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, Thermal Management and Packaging Stress Analysis.

Advanced packaging

Advanced Packaging

IC chips may be said to be the brain of electronic products, such as Personal computers, mobile phones and game consoles. However, the chips cannot independently exert their innovative functionality. The chips work only when they are connected electrically to other devices, and semiconductor packages - SHINKO's mainstay products - have an important role in maximizing the potential functionality.

Standard & Advanced PCBs

Standard & Advanced PCBs

Complete range of PCB Technologies available through Fujitsu Electronics Europe. Suitable for Industrial, Automotive, Consumer and Avionics from IATF, Medical and Avionics certified production sites.

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