ClickBeetle™ Reference Platform: BlueBeetle V

BlueBeetle V module (preliminary)

BlueBeetle V is part of the ClickBeetle™ Reference Platform and adds a brain with communication and BLE to the application. The board contains the new Ambiq Micro Apollo3Blue MCU with ultra-low-power MCU including embedded BLE.

BlueBeetle V is currently in prototype status. Full release is planned for Q4/19.

BlueBeetle V diagram

Download documents

  • Factsheet
  • Schematic available Q4/19
  • User Manual available Q4/19

Download Software

  • available Q4/19

Please note: The ClickBeetle™-Reference Platform and all related boards are evaluation kits intended for the testing of components and development of products featuring the same. These custom-build evaluation kits are designed for professionals to be used solely at research and development facilities for such purposes and are only available on a business-to-business basis.

Size and Pin-Description

ClickBeetle pinout

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