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Shenzhen Sophic Circuits Co. Ltd

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Company overview

  • Company name: Shenzhen Sophic Circuits Co., Ltd
  • Foundation: 2002
  • Headquarter: Shenzhen Sophic Circuits Co., Ltd
  • Products: Standard PCB, HDI PCB, High Temperature (High TG), Heavy Copper PCB
  • Company home page:


Company Profile

FactorySophic Circuits focus on high mix, low/medium volume and quick turn service. With a special market position and excellent corporate culture, Sophic has been gradually growing up to a group who can provide “One-stop” service from 2 to 12 layers of PCB products in 2 plants: Huizhou and Sichuan. Sophic has a rich experience in multilayer boards, thick copper boards, high temperature boards, high frequency boards and Aluminum boards. The annual production capacity is 25000 square meters with various 2000 items per month. Seventy percent of their products are exported to Europe, North America, Japan and other Pacific countries which are widely applied in communication, industry control, medical instrument, security electronics, aerospace etc.


PCBWith Sophic as a partner we can offer fast response, quick turn PCB production at a very competitive pricing.


Bluetooth PCB, Wireless PCB, RF PCB, Motherboard PCB, hard disk & ribbon Printed Circuit Boards, digital products, such as: camera, CCTV, LCD & Video Printed Circuit Boards, Automotive PCB, LED PCB, and more!


To satisfy customers Sophic Circuit focus on producing PCB with top quality. Sophic Circuit implemented the ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system and TS16949 Automotive quality system.