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Socionext Inc.

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Company overview

  • Company name: Socionext Inc.
  • Foundation: 2015
  • Headquarter: Shin-Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Products: Design and development of SoC with focus on Graphic Display controllers and video/image processing and solutions / services centering on SoC (ASIC)
  • Company home page: a new window

ASIC design

Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor is a foundry partner that guides customersʼ businesses towards success by providing technology, customization, and support. Through the creation of new high value-added technologies and accumulated technologies such as ultra-low power consumption and embedded memory processes, we contribute to the realization of the IoT world and a sustainable society in which people and technology live in harmony.

Classical Custom SoC ASIC design

The custom SoC group at Socionext has been successfully offering ASIC design services being part of Fujitsu Semiconductor to customers for 40 years. The combination of the Socionext’s ARM processor portfolio, their long experience in ASIC design together with the rich own IP-portfolio makes Socionext the ideal partner for complex processor based designs. With Socionext’s broad capabilities the potential support range can start with help during the specification phase and can also include additional tasks like board design or SW/Firmware development. Having realized designs for industrial, automotive and consumer applications, Socionext is bringing all the knowledge to make the right trade-offs to meet the requirements of the individual market segment. For the silicon manufacturing Socionext either uses Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd (MIFS) as their foundry but has also the flexibility to use any other foundry to best meet customer requirements.

Platform SoC

For a faster time to market and as a lower development cost alternative to fully customized SoC Designs, Socionext has developed platform SoC’s (PF SoC) including already the majority of typical elements being used for applications that handle documents, image-processing etc.

By adding customer or application specific functionality you can get your specific device, either in one IC or in different dies in a multi chip package.


If you are interested in our Platform SoC approach, please find more details on the Platform SoC page.

Imaging & Graphics solutions

Socionext’s long history of developing imaging and video processing products results in established products in these areas.

Video processing devices (codecs and transcoders) convert between Full HD (1920x1080) H.264 video data and MPEG-2 video data with very little power consumption. Also audio transcoding between various formats is supported. Due to their compact size, they can be used in a wide range of products, including mobile products such as smartphones and tablet PCs, as well as home digital broadcast recording equipment, such as TVs, hard disk PVRs, and PCs.

For more details please check our video processing pageOpen a new window.

The second big product field are the graphics product portfolio for the automotive industry. The product portfolio offers two major product lines:

  • The SoC-line provides devices featuring a combination of ARM-based CPUs with high performance graphics processing power.
Roadmap SoC
  • The GDC-line’s main feature is the APIX interface providing point to point interconnectivity between displays, cameras and processors.
Roadmap GDC

For more details, please visit our graphics displayOpen a new window page.

The third big area of experience is in the image capturing area. Socionext’s Milbeaut® ASSPs cover a wide range of camera systems from high quality digital SLRs to digital cameras, mobile or smart phones up to industrial equipment and surveillance systems.

For more details please visit our image capturingOpen a new window page.


  • Automotive Graphic Displays
  • Security Camera Solutions
  • Mobile/DSC/DSLR Camera Solutions
  • Home Entertainment
  • Video Processing


For inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact formOpen a new window.