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Shinko Electric Industries Co. Ltd.

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Company overview

  • Company name: Shinko Electric Industries Co. Ltd.
  • Foundation: 1946
  • Headquarter: Nagano Japan
  • Products: Semiconductor Packages
  • Company home page: a new window


IC Package Assembly

Shinko undertakes IC package assembly on consignment, and use plastic laminated substrates, tape substrates and interposers to perform assembly. Package types available are BGA, CSP, and others. In addition to offering ordinary wire bonding for internal connections, Shinko offers advanced package functions with flip-chip connections that support small package sizes and high speeds, depending on the requirements of the device.

Please find more information on the Shinko websites:

Standard IC Packages a new window

System in Package (SiP), Multichip Packages (MCP), Package on Package (PoP) and Device Embedded Package [MCeP®] a new window

Package Materials / Chip Carriers

SHINKO is developing and manufacturing a variety of lead frames, such as stamping lead frames with 256 pins; etching lead frames, suitable for quick delivery requirements; multilayered (advanced) lead frames with superior heat-dissipation properties; and leads on chips (LOC*) for memory purposes.

Shinko offers a wide variety in IC- Substrates, either being it Substrates based on Prepreg technologyOpen a new window, similar to PCB manufacturing, or ABF materialsOpen a new window for more advanced applications.

The heat spreader ensures safe operation of the electronic circuit by efficiently diffusing the heat released and preventing over heating of the chip.


Semiconductor Packages are almost always custom designed. Please contact us for more information.

Open Tool designs are available for Lead frames. a new window


Based on our Quality Policy, all employees continually pursue the quality and service sought by our customer, keeping in mind our commitment to these customers’ success, which demands that we give top priority to the incorporation of quality. a new window

ISO9001 & ISO/TS16949