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Neltron Industrial Co. Ltd

Neltron Connectors

Company overview

Company Overview
  • Company name: Neltron Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Foundation: 1988
  • Headquarter: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Products: Connectors and Cables
  • Company home page:

Product features

  • Wide range of portfolio in Connectors and Cables
  • Long term support for industrial and automotive market

Connector 1 Connector 2

Product offerings

  • Board to Board connectors
  • Wire to Board connectors
  • Wire to Wire connectors
  • USB / Mini USB connectors
  • D-Sub connectors
  • Mini Din connectors
  • FPC connectors
  • CB/DIP/SIL/PGA/PLCC sockets
  • D-Sub and IDC connectors and Cable
  • HDMI, DVI, and modular plugs

Key markets

  • Computer
  • Medical
  • Consumer
  • Communication
  • Automotive
  • Industrial


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