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Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd

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Company overview

  • Company name: Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd
  • Foundation: April 4, 1943
  • Headquarter: Toyama City, Japan
  • Products: Sensors (Pressure, Humidity, Force, Temperature, Current, Gas), Piezoelectric Buzzers, Resistors & Tactile Switches, Modules (Modules for automotive, DC DC converter, LCD etc), Printed Circuit Boards (Paste through Hole, Printed Resistor etc)
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Product line - Sensors

Hokuriku sensors based on MEMS technology have been manufactured at Hokuriku facility since 1993. For over 20 years, more than 50 million sensors have been shipped to various markets like automotive, industrial, consumer and medical. Sensing technology for the product lines Pressure, Humidity, Force, Gas, Temperature and Current sensors are currently in production. In the field of gas metering, Hokuriku pressure sensor have more than 80% market share in Japan.

Sensors as elements and modules are customizable according to application and customer requirement. In house design, development and fabrication of sensors has resulted in expertise across the entire value chain.

Please find more information about Hokuriku’s sensors on our sensors site:

Product line – Piezo products

Hokuriku’s extensive experience and knowhow in ceramic material development, multi-layering and thin film technology have resulted in high reliability and performance of Piezo Speakers, Buzzers, Actuator, Receiver, and Sounders. Customization in terms of size, frequency and sound pressure. Hokuriku piezoelectric products have has been employed in home appliance and consumer electronics since 1994. Since 2005 customized Hokuriku products have also been used in automotive applications.

Please find more information about Hokuriku’s piezo products on our piezoelectric products site:

Product line – Components

Hokuriku’s supplies Resistors (Fixed Resistor, Variable Resistor, Chip Resistor) and Tactile switches under the components product line.

Please find more information about Hokuriku’s resistor products on our resistor products sites:

and about Hokuriku’s Tactile Switches on our tactile switches site:


Product line – Polymer Through Hole Boards (PCB)

Hokuriku produces highly reliable double side surface PCB using polymer through-holes on paper phenolic board (FR1) or CEM3 material. This technology has a significant cost reduction made possible by replacing copper plating with polymer through-hole. High density circuit design is also widely possible. Hokuriku´s sophisticated PCB production is Automotive ISO/TS 16949 certified.

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Competitive Advantage

Hokuriku’s competitive advantage lies in the fact that standard products as well as customized solutions can be tailored to the customer’s needs and demands. Design, development and production is in-house as this provides a complete control over the entire value chain.

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All product specifications can be downloaded from our product sites mentioned above by clicking on each part number.



  • IOT
  • Wearables
  • Energy harvesting
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Industrial / Factory Automation
  • Automotive

Please find application examples on our applications pages:

Mobile Communication, Digital Appliances/PC, Car Electronics, Home Electronics.