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Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Ltd

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Company overview

  • Foundation: October 1, 2002
  • Headquarter: Nagano-City, Nagano-Pref., JAPAN
  • Products: Design, manufacturing, maintenance and consulting services for interconnect technology products, including package substrate and printed circuit and module boards.
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  • High Speed/HDI PCB: With our cutting edge HDI PCB, we provide total solution including design, manufacturing and assembly for automotive, IoT modules and Omnipresent products. FICT can provide ML PCB with copper thickness up to 500 micron.
    More details about HDI PCBs
  • Substrates: FICT enables to provide Ultra-Thin & High-density wiring structure, applying core layer free, full build-up, and full stacked-via technology.
    More details about substrates
  • Probe Cards: Conventional PTH type, Build-up IVH type and Hybrid type PCB enables aspect free small Via with our Board to Board Connection (BBC) technology. FICTs Ultra-fine-pitch pattern and hybrid structure enables capability of over 8,000nets in a card with good signal integrity at Very High speed operation.
    More details about our Probe Card product solution
  • Anylayer PCB Technology: F-ALCS ensures highly reliable connections between vias thru paste filling and metal bonding which allow more than two times higher wiring density than before. It is optimal for difficult designs which were previously considered to be impossible.
    More details about F-ALCS here
  • Board design: We provide comprehensive solutions across all stage of the product development from circuit design through prototype development to mass production.
    More details about our Board Design offering

Please find all information about the whole product portfolio on our High-End PCBs website. Feel free to raise any questions to us through our contact form.

Competitive Advantage

Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies, as one of the Fujitsu group companies, has been improving printed wiring boards by responding to customers' needs and requirements. We have been manufacturing printed wiring boards with various materials for any types of products from supercomputers to smart devices. We strongly support all customers across all stages of product development with the comprehensive resources of the Fujitsu group and with our F-ALCS Technology that promises reduced cost in total manufacturing processes from product development to high volume production we provide a cutting edge solution.


  • High-end –Server
  • Router
  • LSI Package Modules
  • Network equipment
  • Automotive electronics
  • Communication equipment
  • PC & Laptops
  • Medical electronic equipment
  • Industrial electronic devices