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FDK Corporation

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Company overview

  • Company name: FDK Corporation
  • Foundation: 1950
  • Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan
  • Products:
    • Batteries (primary & rechargeable), 
    • Electronic Components (DCDC Modules, Inductive Components, Piezoelectric Products etc.)
  • Company home page:
FDK product image 1 (fpdk12s1r003) FDK product image 2 (fpdk12tr8003psv) FDK product image 3 (fpqr48t01233) FDK product image 4 (fplr12tr7516na) FDK product image 5 (fgmd12swr6006a)

Coils devices for Automotive application

FDK manufactures high-performance coil devices which are based on proprietary ferrite technology and circuit/CAE technology. Suitable ferrite materials are selected to achieve better characteristics for the coils. Based on years of expertise FDK proposes the most suitable product for your application. Utilizing simulation technology, FDK provides high quality design in a short time as customized product. FDK has planar type coil which have high efficiency characteristics, compact design and as well as wire winding type.

Multi-Layer Power Inductors

Multi-layer power inductors

FDK’s wide line-up of power inductors uses original materials and the most suitable coils structures.
FDK inductor also shows excellent performance in higher frequency range. FDK proposes the most suitable product for your application circuit

Multi-Layer Power Inductors family

  • MIP series - Multi-layer power Inductor for Power line
  • MCP series - Magnetic flux Controlled inducer for Power line
  • LGA type - Land Grid Array


  • Wearables
  • Consumer electronics
  • Compact Power modules
  • Smart Card

For purchasing of FDK DCDC power modules, please feel free to contact us.