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EverPro Technologies

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EverPro Technologies Company Ltd.

  • Company name: EverPro Technologies Company Ltd.
  • Foundation: December 2013
  • Headquarter: Wuhan, China
  • Key Features: Active Optical Cables (AOC)
  • Company home page:

EverPro Technologies is a joint venture between Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) located in Wuhan, China and VIA Technologies, Inc. with head quarter located in Taipei, Taiwan. YOFC is the worldwide #2 optical fiber and cable provider. VIA Technologies is a leading provider of integrated circuits for x86 architecture. Leveraging the IC design and optical fiber & cable design and manufacturing capabilities from VIA and YOFC respectively, EverPro is able to create the world’s first and best USB 3.0 AOC cable.

The creation of EverPro Technologies is focused to provide AOC centric solutions including their peripherals. EverPro has engaged in the development and research, manufacturing, and sales of the AOC related optical fibers, cables and accessories. In parallel EverPro makes and provides photo-electronic modules and photo-electronic connecting devices. It also provides AOC cables related system integration and engineering services.

Product line - AOC

EverPro offers AOCs and for various cable types such as HDMI, USB3.0, DVI and DisplayPort.

Beside standard cable length (e.g. 20, 30, 50, 100m) EverPro can offer customized cable solutions.

Pure Active Optical CableUSB3.0 Pure Active Optical Cable

  • Active Optical Cable Transceiver
    • World's 1st USB3.0 AOC TRX IC
    • 5Gbps, USB 3.0 Compatible
    • Automatic Rx Terminal Control
    • Electrical Optical (Photoelectric conversion IC mounted)
  • External conversion Adapter for USB 2.0 conversion available
  • Feature
    • Supports High Speed 5Gbps
    • Can support up to 100m
    • No configuration/No setting required
    • Compared to coaxial cable: 1/3 weight, 1/3 thickness
    • No need for special driver (works with USB Driver)
    • Very strong EMI resistance
    • power supply is required on one side (External adapter)

Hybrid Active Optical CableUSB3.0 Hybrid Active Optical Cable

  • Active Optical Cable + coaxial hybrid cable
  • No need for external conversion adapter
  • Feature
    • Available Power Supply 5V/900mA
    • Can support up to 50m length
    • Supports High Speed 5Gbps
    • USB 1.0/1.1/2.0 Device - supports USB 3.0 conversion
    • No configuration/No setting required
    • Slightly thicker compared to pure AOC (3mm-3.7mm)
    • Compared to coaxial cable: 1/3 weight, 1/3 thickness
    • No need for special driver (works with USB Driver)
    • Very strong EMI resistance

HDMI Hybrid Active Optical Cable BlackHDMI Hybrid Active Optical Cable

  • Active Optical Cable Transceiver
    • HDMI 2.0 AOC Cable
    • Supports HDMI 2.0
    • Electrical Optical (Photoelectric conversion IC mounted)
  • Feature
    • Available for long distance over 100m
    • Possible to transmit HDMI signals over long distance due to Fiber Cable (transmits high-speed Clock and Data)
    • With Hybrid by copper wire, transfers including DDC and other Side Band Signal simultaneously.
    • Full compatible with existing HDMI Cable
    • No external power supply
    • Able to support 4K@60Hz UHD Display
    • Able to support Plug & Play
    • No special driver required
    • Compared to copper wire cable – thinner and lighter (1/6)
    • Very strong EMI resistance

Product line – USB Adapters

In order to use the EverPro long distance USB 3.0 transmission for USB 2.0 equipment as well, there is a number of adapter available supporting the conversion.

USB Adapter
  • VSP109AP: 1x Super TT with USB Type-A plug
  • VSP109AR: 1x Super TT with USB Type-A receptacle
  • VSP110AR: 1x Super TT + USB 3.0 Hub (supports USB 3/2/1.1)
  • VSP201AR/BR: USB 3.0 Hub + 4x Super TT (USB 2.0 max 480Mbps)
  • VSP202AR: USB 3.0 Hub + 1x Super TT (3x Super Speed/USB 3.0 port + 1x High Speed/USB 2.0)

Competitive Advantage

The main advantage of Active Optical Fiber Cable is the ability to support long distances up to a few 100 meters depending on cable type without the need of extenders and/or equalizers and additional power supply. In addition these cables come with the higher speed/bandwidth and therefore allow transmission of higher resolution and frame rates. Finally, due to the optical transmission, they support a high level EMC and EMI immunity.

If you have any request, please contact us through our contact page.


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