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e-peas S.A.

e-peas Logo

Company overview

  • Company name: e-peas S.A.
  • Foundation: 2014
  • Headquarters: Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium
  • Products: Energy harvesting, Microcontroller
  • Company home page:

Energy Harvesting


… revolutionizes the IoT industry by offering the best performing ambient energy harvesting, processing and sensing solutions that make the batteries of your wireless devices live forever


Enable the seamless operation of all connected nodes, anywhere, anytime, in any conditions with smart, innovative solutions.


e-peas Applications

  • Home automation
  • smart buildings
  • smart cities
  • smart metering
  • wearables
  • e-health
  • smart agriculture

Energy Harvesting Power Management IC’s for

  • Photovoltaic Harvesting
  • RF Harvesting
  • Thermal Harvesting
  • Vibration Harvesting