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At Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) we believe that innovation creates opportunity. We are committed to support innovation wherever we can. This includes sourcing the best technologies globally. As a Value Added Distributor (VAD) we are working very close to our customers and have a deep understanding of their requirements.

Our expertise lies in the automotive, industrial, medical & Fitness and entertainment markets. As a VAD, our core business comprises reselling and consulting activities as well as being a gateway to new markets due to our global network.

We have a long-term experience being active in the electronics market for 30 years. Our portfolio covers customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our sales teams are based in offices in Langen near Frankfurt, in Munich, Milan and Budapest, providing quick on-site technical sales and applications support.

Be it as a gateway for speedy and quality access to solutions or markets, for accelerating the process of product scouting or for contracts, co-operations, supply chains and much more – together with our customers we want to be one step ahead, always. This is why “acceleration” is at the core of our brand values.


Vision and mission

Technical innovation creates opportunities, drives progress and is at the core of our global economies. Yet innovation has many obstacles. Our vision encompasses a world without barriers for innovation.

Fujitsu Electronics Europe is committed to contribute to this vision by creating transparency for all developers to find the best technologies and partners globally, by adding our electronics knowhow to our clients’ product roadmaps, by providing our worldwide logistics capabilities and intercultural skills to enable fast and smooth delivery – all combined for the success of our customer’s businesses. We are the global electronics gateway, accelerating innovation through our services.

Our markets of expertise include automotive, industrial and communications applications. For decades, Fujitsu has been working closely with solution developers around the globe. Our technical knowhow enables us to contribute ideas to your innovation roadmaps. We will help you find the best solutions for better, future-proof, faster-to-market products. Our portfolio of solutions contains only best in class. In our offering, we are always looking to identify synergies, to create even better solutions for your specific needs.



At Fujitsu Electronics Europe, we are always striving to anticipate what will be required next. To deliver the best services and solutions today as well as tomorrow, we need to understand our customers’ product requirements as well as the existing and future capabilities of the supplier’s products. This is what innovation is all about. Fujitsu Electronics Europe has been an active player in the electronics market for more than 30 years. We bring extensive experience in the automotive, industrial and communications markets to the table and follow the technological developments closely. We try to be one step ahead, to be able to discuss with you the right solution for your future product roadmap. If Fujitsu Electronics Europe does not list a specific solution, we will source it through our network of distribution partners. These are all experts in their markets. As single point of contact for our customers we will find the right vendor, so that we can deliver best support for accelerating the innovation process for both parties.


Finding a supplier with a perfectly fitting solution can be equally of a challenge as identifying potential customer markets. Fujitsu Electronics Europe is the perfect partner, for customers and suppliers alike. We are a gateway for speedy and quality access to solutions or markets, accelerating the process regarding product scouting, contracts, cooperation, supply chain and much more.

Especially for our suppliers, Fujitsu Electronics Europe is a global gateway to interesting markets. We are not only reselling, but are providing access to our consulting and infrastructure services such as our supply chain processes. In addition, we are your global scout for the demand of tomorrow. We do understand the requirements of our global customers and can help you align your innovation roadmaps to provide better solutions faster, solutions that 100% fit the needs of customers.



Fujitsu Electronics Europe partners can rely on the highly professional global infrastructure and benefit from the proven Fujitsu supply chain. Short delivery times as well as highest commitment and reliability for our customers and access to global markets for our supplier partners are central elements of our business proposition.

Our global supply chain managers always kept their promises even in the most difficult of times, when earthquakes in Asia brought many other processes to a standstill. Our customers’ production lines never had to stop once, because due to our global supply chain we were able to keep up a high level of product availability. Besides reliable delivery, we are your global scouting partners for solutions that perfectly fit your needs. We are also your intercultural interface when it comes to negotiating with customers from different parts of the world, thus accelerating processes all along the way to innovation.


We flexibly react on our customer’s requirements regarding delivery times and quantity or invoice periods. We can create synergies that add value for all parties, customers and suppliers alike. We can flexibly cater to all business requirements, will decrease Total Costs of Ownership and increase time to market.

Fujitsu Electronics Europe does run on a best-in-class approach, meaning we will only ever pick one supplier for a certain technology. Customers can reach out to us with specific requirements and we will flexibly tailor the product package they need.

Best-in-class means that we will pick the supplier that, in our point of view fulfils the requirements of our customers to the highest extent and who we have the most competency working with. We often provide more complex solutions that will solve challenges better than off the shelf solutions. Our partnerships with suppliers and distributors give us the maximum flexibility to cover any customer business models.

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