Helping you to improve your in-store customer experience

Welcoming a new in-store digital solution is an exciting time for retailers. It has the potential to transform customer experience, increase efficiency, boost profitability and lots more. But these benefits can only be realised if your new digital technology gets the care and support it needs to thrive in the tough operational environment of retail.

Your new digital technology needs care and support to thrive in the tough retail operational environment. Digi is here to help you on this journey so you can realise the benefits and overcome the challenges.

Digi debuts in a series of short animations on the importance of preventative and predictive IT to keep your digital shopfloor running smoothly - we call this Intelligent Support.

Look out for more from Digi to help you navigate through the different challenges in digital retail technology.

Get the benefits of digital retail – it’s as easy as 1,2,3…

Introducing Digi: Series 1 - Fujitsu Intelligent Support Services for Retail

Controlling Digi Playtime

Instead of calling a servicing team to fix your in-store technology problems why not train your staff to fix it first?

End-to-End Digi Nurturing

Are you fit for Digi…TALL? We highlight our end-to-end intelligent support offerings.

Predicting Digi’s Next Steps

With data, analytics and applications we can fix Digi’s problems before they happen.