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Fujitsu Telecoms IT - Global Cloud Connect

Global Cloud Connect

Fujitsu’s expertise, experience and heritage in telecoms and networks around the world places us as one of the leaders in global connectivity and communications.

By connecting our Global Delivery Centres (GDCs) and Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP) locations as a ready-to-use infrastructure, Fujitsu are in a unique position to connect all our customers, businesses, users and devices across the world to a fully integrated global WAN and cloud service network. This connectivity and infrastructure is the Fujitsu Global Cloud Connect.

Fujitsu Global Cloud Connect offers a high availability, carrier grade service for WAN interconnect and hosted cloud computing. Fujitsu can connect any customer, through Fujitsu’s truly global, rapidly expanding MPLS network, into GDC and FGCP locations with customer connections; providing you with the following business benefits:

  • Rapid deployment through the use of standard configurations.
  • A high capacity pre-provisioned network which scales easily, so you can add capacity as and when you need it, with minimal delays.
  • A Global WAN that supports industry based quality of service, enabling prioritisation of business critical application including voice and video.
  • Flexible connectivity, so you can connect either directly to the Fujitsu Global Cloud Connect network or via a regional service provider.
  • High availability >99.99% and security is delivered as standard.
  • Flexibility to meet the ever changing requirements of business.
  • A fully managed 24/7/365 support service.
  • Fully integrated into Fujitsu Cloud offerings.
  • One ICT supplier for connectivity and hosted IT applications.

Next steps on your cloud journey

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