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Fujitsu IT Services and Solutions Case Studies

Case studies
Case studies

Sector-wide IT services and solutions success stories

As an IT services and solutions provider with decades of experience, Fujitsu is well known for creating strong customer partnerships. Taking a co-creation approach, we work closely with our customers to develop innovative technology and solutions to rapidly and cost effectively solve their business challenges.

Our expertise is wide ranging, from digital transformation and cyber security to IT support and process automation - we provide both people and systems that can seamlessly integrate into your business. That’s the case whether it's a team providing expert helpdesk services or IT systems which provide secure, integrated mobile working solutions.

With our help you can introduce cost savings and efficiency improvements that can make a real difference to your bottom line. Review our case studies below to discover how we can help your business to thrive and grow. If you are interested in a specific service, product or solution, you can search the complete list of case studies here.

Featured Case Study

For Warwick University Fujitsu delivers cost effective, agile, responsive and local ServiceNow support

Having lost its in-house ServiceNow specialist, the University of Warwick turned to Fujitsu to deliver cost-effective support for thousands of weekly requests. In addition to our taking over the responsibilities of the internal specialist, we also took over the responsibilities of various third-party suppliers.

For Warwick, skilled support is essential as ServiceNow is a critical tool used to manage multiple activities, including service management and ITIL, with over 80,000 requests logged per year. Our ServiceNow support delivers:

  • an on-campus presence 5 days a week
  • optimal managed support with thousands of requests and incidents resolved each week
  • fast incident resolution
  • seamless software upgrades

"Fujitsu has a great understanding of how ServiceNow is structured and so could really hit the ground running. We had expected an initial drop in service quality while it familiarised itself with our organisation but that didn’t happen."

Shane Parsons, Service Management Owner, University of Warwick

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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

For RBS, who were looking to extend their virtual desktop environment from 20,000 to 90,000 users, we deployed a virtual client service that enables flexible working from any device. Our solution extended RBS’s existing virtual client services platform, based on Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY and Microsoft HyperV.

With our help RBS users can now self-elect to upgrade without needing an engineer.


  • instant delivery of new services
  • rapid resolution of security issues

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Environment Agency

For the Environment Agency, we updated its ageing but vital flood warning service. Our solution was to migrate the Agency’s Floodline Warnings Direct to a modern, flexible, cloud-based, alert-as-a-service platform, based on Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

With our help the Environment Agency now delivers a flood warning system that empowers response partners and keeps a tight focus on maximising taxpayer value for money


  • improved scalability
  • significant reduction in licensing and technology costs

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HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

For HMRC, we migrated and virtualised 900 of its 1,200 Development and Test servers to deliver a flexible, scalable and cost-effective development/test platform. We are helping to support HMRC’s digital transformation through the migration of its legacy IT to the Cloud.

We have enabled HMRC to continue operations, reduce its carbon footprint, consolidate its estate and support its goal of digital transformation.


  • our pay-for-what-you-use model reduces costs by 25%
  • virtualised platform with in-built security/resilience

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For Formwize, we implemented a solution using Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 and Fujitsu Software UForge AppCenter to increase agility and enable the automatic deployment of software at speed. Formwize’s customers can now easily create 100,000s of dynamic forms per year with millions of clicks all with the added benefit of being able to manage this software on-premise.

We have provided the expertise that was lacking in-house, enabling Formwize to meet its goals.


  • automation reduces costs and errors
  • instant scalability on a flexible pay-as-you-go model

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Morphy Richards

For Morphy Richards we developed a new technology platform that could scale with the company and ensure maximum availability. Our complete virtualisation solution - Integrated System PRIMEFLEX® vShape 25 HA, integrates servers, storage, switches and software into one out-of-the-box package - it removes the headaches associated with self-configuration. Morphy Richards now have a perfectly synchronised combination of technologies tailored to their specific requirements.

With Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Morphy Richard’s consumes 50% less energy which delivers significant cost savings.


  • reduction in purchasing cost
  • rapid deployment

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Siemens Gamesa

For Siemens Gamesa, who wanted a faster solution for checking wind turbine blades that wouldn’t compromise on accuracy or safety, we co-created an Artificial Intelligence solution capable of automatically detecting flaws through machine learning and deep learning capabilities.

Our AI technology has dramatically reduced the time needed to inspect wind turbine blades. Flaws can now be rapidly detected during quality checks.


  • NDT scanning reduced by 80%
  • flexible licensing and minimal upfront investment

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For Belfius, Fujitsu developed a mobile account opening and contract-signing solution capable of delivering paperless account-opening within 5 minutes. Our Sign’IT highly-secure biometric signature solution connects with Belfius’ core banking applications to simplify the account creation process.

With Fujitsu Sign’IT banking customers can now open an account within five minutes.


  • reduced operational cost
  • security and regulatory compliance are guaranteed

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For Hydro, Fujitsu modernised their infrastructure by implementing a solution using Fujitsu servers, storage and networking, as well as a dedicated Managed Security Service and Fujitsu PalmSecure™ for user ID.

By standardising Hydro’s company-wide platform, we have made it easier for Hydro to manage and roll out new Cloud services and new applications.


  • 20% reduction in operational cost
  • secure biometric access to devices

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For McDonalds, we designed an agile and proactive infrastructure management solution. Co-creating with McDonalds, we developed the CARE programme, which is a team of dedicated engineers proactively supporting each fast-food outlet to increase uptime.

With our solution we are helping McDonalds predict problems before they arise to avoid downtime in-store.


  • reduced costs
  • increased reliability and uptime

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For Crossrail, we provide ongoing managed desktop, data centre, service desk and application support to enable access to critical information for the UK’s largest infrastructure project, the Elizabeth line. We have played a vital role in providing maximum availability for all users with no downtime.

We have enabled Crossrail’s IT department to deliver all core services reliably and cost-effectively.


  • seamlessly scalability
  • anywhere access to mission-critical information

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