PFU (EMEA) Limited launches fi-8000 Scanners

Fujitsu redefines business scanning with new fi-8000 series

PFU (EMEA) Limited

London, February 15, 2022

PFU (EMEA) Limited, today unveils the latest evolution of its market leading image scanners, the Fujitsu fi-8000 series. The devices are designed to address today’s capture challenges and drive sustainable business impact.

Exceptional image quality is guaranteed across all Fujitsu fi-8000 devices by new Clear Image Capture technology, surpassing the capabilities of existing CIS or CCD. Aiming to set new expectations, Clear Image Capture ensures industry leading OCR accuracy rates, and the capability to capture the widest range of documents.

The range’s innovations deliver the highest levels of reliability, reduce power consumption, and consistently provide the perfect feed thanks to state-of-the-art Automatic Separation Control. Meanwhile, Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection (iSOP) and patented Image Monitoring technology combine for the safe capture and protection of passports, booklets (up to 7mm thick) or mixed batches, even when labels or photos are attached.

The range is designed to deliver maximum uptime and real-world productivity gains thanks to enhanced multi-feed detection which prevents misfeeds and jams and can capture up to 90 double-sided pages per minute. With the Overscan Control function automatically adjusting the scanning area to prevent image loss on slightly skewed documents, users can eliminate the need for rescanning, and ensure uninterrupted operation.

“By redefining the benchmark for what’s possible in terms of real-life throughput and image accuracy, the Fujitsu fi-8000 series sets new customer expectations as to the quality and efficiency of their information capture,” comments Hiroaki Kashiwagi, President and CEO of PFU (EMEA) Limited. “This in turn delivers better decision making, competitiveness and long-term strategic advantage for businesses.”

“Crucially, users can scale the automated capture of data to help their organisations become more intelligent as they undergo digital transformation. We know from our Fujitsu Image Scanners Organisational Intelligence Research Report that European organisations find the amount of data they must manage a challenge. We therefore enable integrations with a range of business tools and solutions through our PaperStream software, and for more bespoke requirements we offer a dedicated Co-creation service.”

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About PFU (EMEA) Limited

Information is the lifeblood of business. By making it work harder, we create the knowledge that empowers organisations to do more. We achieve this by enabling data to move seamlessly between physical and digital environments, so information becomes more usable for more people.

PFU (EMEA) Limited is a specialist company within the Fujitsu family, that’s dedicated to information management solutions. We offer advanced technology, intelligent software and consultancy services; these have made us the partner of choice for the world’s most ambitious organisations. So, whether it is document management solutions, bringing galleries online, or small format keyboards for coders, we are committed to enabling the world’s flow of knowledge.

Operating in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, PFU (EMEA) Limited is responsible for marketing and sales of Fujitsu document scanners. The European company was established in the United Kingdom in 1981 and has offices in Germany, Italy and Spain and Knowledge Suites in London, France, Dubai and Russia For more information, please see:

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Date: February 15, 2022
City: London
Company: PFU (EMEA) Limited

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