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Fujitsu Appointed to ECAI High-Level Group for Europe’s First Public AI Consultation

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Ltd.

News facts:

  • Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe has been appointed as a senior/advisory member of the European Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) High-Level Group
  • Organised in conjunction with AI4People, the ECAI is heading up an extensive public consultation on AI across 12 European countries, representing the first such initiative of this kind
  • Fujitsu will play a key proactive role in helping to shape future policies that reflect the publicfs opinion on AI, its Ethics and its Governance
  • Key activities include the formal presentation of the public consultation results to the new European Parliament and European Commission Presidents in July 2020.
London, December 16, 2019 – Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe has been selected to join the ECAI High-Level Group, as part of Fujitsu’s major emphasis on initiatives to understand the ethical implications posed by AI and create trusted AI technologies. As a principal source of Fujitsu’s AI innovation, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe is playing a leading role in evolving responsible AI initiatives – including working within AI4PeopleOpen a new window, an organisation that is working to create an AI Ethical Framework and recommendations around the Governance of AI, and the EU AI Alliance, a specialised multi-stakeholder forum established to focus on all aspects of AI development and its impact on the economy and society. Membership of the ECAI High-Level Group positions Fujitsu firmly at the heart of the social debate about ethical AI, with this first public consultation process representing an important step in terms of engaging citizens in the crucial discussion about the future of AI and ensuring that their opinions are reflected in future policy-making.
AI4People serves as ECAI's Knowledge Partner and has the function of scientifically validating the contents of the consultation. ECAI is being organised by twelve of AI4People's leading media partners, with representation from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. AI4People’s President, Michelangelo Baracchi Bonvicini, explains: "We are particularly satisfied about the work AI4People has presented at the European Parliament on 6th November. After the work done on AI Ethics and AI Governance, AI4People is looking at 2020 with ECAI, which will see the application of the results that have been reached in specific sectors included by AI with the drafting of the first 8 Global Frameworks for a Good AI."
Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe’s CEO Dr Adel Rouz explains: “Fujitsu has taken a leading role in evolving responsible AI initiatives since 2015, introducing its “Human Centric AI Zinrai” - a framework designed to “focus on areas of AI that are complementary to people’s lives.” We were also one of the first global organisations to acknowledge the importance of AI's ethical issues, establishing early collaborations with leading universities in this area and becoming a founding partner of AI4People in 2018. Within the EU AI Alliance, we are actively contributing to the evolution of the EC AI HLEG’s ‘Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI’, which significantly impacts on the overall EU strategy for AI - the first version of which was published in April 2019. More precisely, Fujitsu recently had the privilege to been among the 50 organisations in Europe joining the “AI Deep Dive Interview” managed by the EC AI HLEG and the AI4EU (H2020 project) experts. We hosted an AI4EU project expert during a one-day session at Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, analysing the general approach of the “AI Guidelines” and the related “Assessment List” as an instrument to self-assess how closely an AI solution developed for the European market, is in line with the Guidelines. A final report will be published soon by the European Commission, EC AI HLEG and the AI4EU Teams. Our involvement through consultative comments and recommendations are proactive contributions towards shaping the future EU regulations around AI Ethics. Fujitsu has spent over 30 years advancing AI and takes a leading role in evolving responsible AI. For us, the imperative is to develop a thorough understanding of the issues and challenges behind delivering truly ethical AI that will have a beneficial impact on society as a whole. Only through this can we create the next generation of trustworthy, reliable and explainable AI solutions that are urgently required by both society and businesses undergoing digital transformation.”

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Date: 16 December, 2019
City: London
Company: Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe


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