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Fujitsu Electronics Europe extends product portfolio with low-power WiFi components from Innophase

FEEU adds more options for low-power wireless communication to the linecard

Fujitsu Electronics Europe

Langen, February 22, 2018

Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) is extending its low-power linecard portfolio by closing a distribution contract with US based company Innophase. Innophase has developed a new radio architecture for processing wireless signals by using a new, advanced signal processing technology. The first available product is the IEEE 802.11b compliant Talaria ONE. It requires only a fraction of the power typically required. More products will come out later this year, supporting multiple standards in a single device.

FEEU offers not only BLE connectivity with our ClickBeetle platform, but a WiFi solution as well

The benefits of this new approach leads to the following advantages:

  1. End product with a significantly extended battery life
  2. Single chip multi-radio support
  3. Reduced PCB footprint

With their first product, the Talaria ONE ULP WiFi Radio, Innophase offers the industry’s lowest power 802.11 implementation based on their proprietary PolaRFusion Radio. The advanced WLAN 802.11b semiconductor radio processor features an on-chip RF front-end circuit, baseband, MAC, clock management, and power management. The ultra-low power level combined with the extensive feature set of the Talaria ONE makes it a perfect match for battery-powered remote nodes – especially in combination with the ultra-low-power MCUs from Ambiq Micro.

"By adding Innophase to our product portfolio, we now have the opportunity to offer not only BLE connectivity with our ClickBeetle platform, but we have a WiFi solution as well," says Axel Tripkewitz, President & Managing Director of FEEU.

"The low-power consumption fits very well with our ultra-low power IoT strategy," adds Tripkewitz. "The new partnership also adds to our ‘best-in-class’ approach. Our goal is to offer only carefully selected, leading solutions and to provide our customers with a global gateway to all the products and services that are necessary to make their innovation project a success. Innophase therefore is a perfect fit."

Various synergies arise between the Innophase offering and FEEU’s existing linecard portfolio: The software driving the Talaria ONE is tailored to the Apollo 2, which is also available from FEEU. Secondly, with WiFi being nearly ubiquitous, the power saving approach from Innophase is ideal to support FEEU’s development activities of IoT solutions. As a Value Added Distribution Partner, FEEU not only offers a wide range of products and services for these application types, but also employs experts helping customers identify the solutions that best fit their individual requirements. This speeds up the process of scouting for and finding new products and services, ultimately leading to a shorter time to market.

Further information on the products from Innophase can be found here. FEEU will also be presenting its solutions at embedded world 2018 in Hall 2, Booth #110.

About Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU)

Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH entered the market as a global distributor on January 1, 2016. FEEU markets complex solutions developed in-house by Fujitsu (and former Fujitsu) companies and third-party manufacturers. FEEU’s ‘best in class’ approach ensures that customers only receive the best product in a segment. The key markets for FEEU are automotive, industrial, medical & fitness and communications. FEEU offers its solutions via direct sales, via its own web shop or via distribution partners. The company operates from offices in Langen (near Frankfurt), Munich, Milan and Budapest. FEEU sees itself as an innovation accelerator – helping its customers to break down barriers, and realize their roadmaps both rapidly and while maintaining optimum quality. More at

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Date: 22 February, 2018
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