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New Fujitsu fi-7030 document scanner opens up the world of professional PaperStream capture to businesses on a budget

First Fujitsu scanner with new state of the art software PaperStream Capture 1.5

PFU (EMEA) Limited

London, June 07, 2016
  • Entry-level professional document capture solution for public and commercial organisations
  • Full PaperStream Capture 1.5 licence for improved batch scanning efficiency
  • First-class hardware and software technology based on industry proven fi Series excellence

Fujitsu subsidiary PFU (EMEA) Ltd. presents the latest addition to the world’s leading professional document scanner range – the Fujitsu fi-7030. For public and commercial organisations the fi-7030 is the ideal entry point into professional document capture. The fi-7030 ships with the first deployment of PaperStream Capture Version 1.5; offering a new ergonomic, touch compatible user interface with enhanced functionality improving efficiency and interactions across the entire enterprise capture process. This high value software bundle positions the new fi-7030 as a budget-friendly entry to the world of professional PaperStream capture for both small and large enterprises.

PaperStream Capture 1.5 offers a new user interface that facilitates the capture process and introduces improved batch scanning efficiency. Following the release of the fi-7030, PaperStream Capture 1.5 will be made available for all fi Series products, expanding new functionalities to the complete product line.

The fi-7030 is based on PFU’s proven superior image quality technology, combined with improved image processing and capture software, and offers everything that users need to start their digital transformation journey. The fi-7030 also includes an integrated bar code module, facilitating mixed batch scanning with automated processing for many different business processes. Important elements of the software are touch compatible for use in touchto-scan environments.

Fujitsu’s PaperStream software platform is the same across its entire range of professional fi Series scanners. Therefore, if a business’s requirements change – like volume, format and workloads – it is easy to fit in further fi Series models without having to change capture processes or software routines. It is also possible to roll-out company-wide standards for capture processes across varied workload and format requirements – from a small remote office to a central mailroom.

PaperStream Capture browse viewPaperStream 1.5 "Browse View"

Next level batch scanning

PaperStream Capture 1.5 allows companies to design and fine-tune their document workflow (including batches) at every step. PaperStream Capture 1.5 introduces detailed scanning routine information next to related profile pictograms, facilitating the capture process and allowing users to choose between fully transparent in-depth details for experts, or simplified easy processing for general users. A new "browse view" functionality, which displays both thumbnails and previews on one screen, enables the user to confirm scanned images during scanning. This saves time when users validate, classify and verify data. Preferred scanning parameters can be browsed to, edited or saved as PaperStream IP driver profiles directly from PaperStream Capture without having to switch between software applications. Other highlights include the display of batch jobs in process for more transparency and an on-the-fly batch release process. Once users have scanned a batch they can verify the data, alternate orders, collect documents in a joint file, index and automatically release to local or distant repositories, feed workflows, business applications or ECM systems. They can also pause and resume operations, making the platform a true stepping stone for companies on their digital transformation journey.

PaperStream IP pPaperStream IP prepares digitised data for subsequent processing such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and connects with common scanning applications via either the TWAIN or ISIS interface. PaperStream IP automatically generates best quality document images. A new front and back side merge function helps users to collate pages more efficiently. Further highlights are automatic functions such as auto colour detection, auto deskew, multi colour / multi image output and irregular shape cropping. Automatic hole punch removal and batch separation via patch code, bar code and optional matrix code reduce user intervention to a minimum.

New fi-7030 Document Scanner

Trusted hardware

Aimed at professional users who need highly reliable solutions with real-world performance, this new premium scanner features the proven fi Series hardware reliability. With compact design the fi-7030 captures 27 sheets of paper per minute (54 images A4 duplex, portrait, colour, 300 dpi). This amounts to a 35 percent increase in speed compared to its predecessor. The flexible scanner excels in mixed batch scanning and can process a wide variety of documents including embossed plastic cards. It goes from sleep mode to operation almost instantly, saving energy without causing waiting periods. The reliable feeding mechanism includes ultrasonic sensors and a newly designed skew-protection mechanism which protects even the most delicate documents, whilst brake rollers separate each document to avoid paper jams. The highly durable consumables last up to 200,000 documents.

"The functionality and the technical characteristics of this new scanner prove that we are serious about meeting our customers' capture requirements," says Mike Nelson, Vice President at Fujitsu subsidiary PFU (EMEA) Ltd. "The beauty of this new software release and the improved hardware is that users can scale it to almost any volume or speed requirement and never have to leave the market-leading PaperStream capture platform."

"The fi-7030 is the most compact and economic entry into the world of professional PaperStream scanning, without sacrificing any of the proven fi Series high-level functionality," says Klaus Schulz, Senior Manager Product Marketing EMEA at PFU (EMEA) Ltd. "We’re putting the focus on professional capture software with this launch, and the enhanced efficiency that goes with it."

The Fujitsu fi-7030 document scanner will be available at Fujitsu sales partners from June 2016. The recommended retail price is 499 £ (679 €, 899 $) plus VAT.

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Date: 07 June, 2016
City: London
Company: PFU (EMEA) Limited


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