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Innovation Accelerator: Fujitsu Electronics Europe Positions Itself as a Global Distributor

Fujitsu Electronics Europe

Langen, January 22, 2016

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe to become Fujitsu Electronics Europe / Aims to act as gateway to high-quality solutions by removing barriers to innovation / Managing Director will be Axel Tripkewitz

Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) today announced that is has entered the market as a new global distributor on 1 January 2016. Previously doing business as Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU), the company now operates from offices in Langen (near Frankfurt), Munich, Milan, Budapest and Istanbul after changing its name and realigning its strategy. Focusing on more than just semiconductors, FEEU offers a broader portfolio of complex electronics solutions plus consulting services targeting applications in the automotive, manufacturing and communications sectors. FEEU provides manufacturers with access to the world of Fujitsu solutions and to tailored products from third-party providers. A proven supply chain guarantees customers maximum plannability. Axel Tripkewitz, previously Vice President HR & Corporate Services at FSEU, will be driving business development as FEEU’s Managing Director. 

“We have been an active member of the European electronics market for over 30 years, and have developed a high level of consulting expertise and a strong customer base,” says Tripkewitz. “We are familiar with our customers’ roadmaps and can help them to implement these rapidly while maintaining optimum quality. Our declared mission is to remove the barriers to innovation. This is why we are focusing on adding solutions from key partners to our portfolio that give our customers a competitive advantage from innovation.”


FEEU’s portfolio is based on three pillars:

  • Fujitsu universe: FEEU markets solutions from the Fujitsu world, with current examples including PCBs from Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies and DC/DC converters from FDK. The company also offers solutions from former Fujitsu companies such as Custom SoCs or imaging and graphics solutions from Socionext.
  • Third-party solutions: As a specialist for complex products, FEEU monitors the market continuously for promising solutions. GaN power components from Transphorm are already part of its portfolio, for example.
  • Lastly, FEEU continues to manufacture and market a number of in-house solutions – such as FRAM, for example.


Since FEEU takes a ‘best-in-class’ approach, it only offers a single solution for each application area. Axel Tripkewitz: “Careful pre-selection not only saves our customers valuable time, but also means that we really can assure them of receiving qualified advice about our products. Our highly specialized solutions expertise also means that we regularly discover synergies between the various solutions, which enable us to further improve the quality of our product offerings.” If customers also need standard solutions in addition to the more complex specialist products, they don’t need to seek out a second supplier: FEEU also offers customers direct sales options in the form of distribution partners and its new web shop.

Solid foundation

Although new, FEEU is a Fujitsu company and therefore enjoys considerable benefits when it comes to its global reach: customers can enjoy the advantages of a truly international, high-performance supply chain. FEEU consultants also contribute their international experience in other areas, for example to accelerate coordination and contract negotiation between suppliers and manufacturers. “Our goal is for FEEU to provide our customers with a gateway to the best solutions in the world,” says Tripkewitz. “We can achieve this only because we can build on a solid foundation of expertise and logistics resources.”


FEEU not only positions itself as a distributor for manufacturers but also as an innovation partner for suppliers, with whom it collaborates closely to align their roadmaps with the requirements of FEEU customers. FEEU not only helps present-day manufacturers get the tailor-made solutions they need, but also ensures that solutions to future challenges are already in planning or development. “We see our role not only as a product scout for manufacturers, but also as a scout for requirements, which we can then pass on to our suppliers,” says Tripkewitz.

More on Fujitsu Electronics Europe at:

About Axel Tripkewitz

Axel Tripkewitz is Managing Director of Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH. In this role, he is tasked with driving the company’s process of transformation within Europe and at a global level and is responsible both for strategy and day-to-day business. A management expert by profession, he has been involved in business development at FSEU (now FEEU) for over 25 years. As Vice President HR & Corporate Services, his duties included Compliance before he was appointed to steer the strategic development of European business as Managing Director in November 2014.

Axel TripkewitzAxel Tripkewitz is Managing Director of Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH.

About Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU)

Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH entered the market as a global distributor on 1 January 2016. FEEU markets complex solutions developed in-house, by Fujitsu (and former Fujitsu) companies and third-party manufacturers. FEEU’s ‘best in class’ approach ensures that customers only receive the best product in a segment. The key markets for FEEU are automotive, manufacturing and communications. FEEU offers its solutions via direct sales, via its own web shop or via distribution partners. The company operates from offices in Langen (near Frankfurt), Munich, Milan, Budapest and Istanbul. FEEU sees itself as an innovation accelerator – helping its customers to break down barriers, and realise their roadmaps both rapidly and while maintaining optimum quality.
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Date: 22 January, 2016
City: Langen
Company: Fujitsu Electronics Europe


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