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Fujitsu high voltage AC and DC relays

Relay solutions for emerging markets and green solutions

Fujitsu Components Europe

Hoofddorp, February 11, 2016 fceu20160314-1

Fujitsu Components focusses its relay design and development on emerging markets and green applications such as Automotive EV and PHEV (Electric Vehicles / Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles), Rechargeable battery applications, Lighting (LED) DC Servers, and Solar applications.

Fujitsu is emphasizing on the developing of relays, capable of switching higher current and higher voltages in AC applications as well as in DC applications. In particular for the DC area with applications in the higher voltage ranges for EV/ PHEV, the challenge is to the keep the size of the relay as small as possible. Increasing voltage requires a higher contact gap, in order to safely break a burning arc, when switching off the current.

The voltage of an existing 12V automotive type relay can be extended from 12V contact voltage to e.g. 24V, by increasing the contact gap without changing the size of the relay itself. While in some case the coil power needs to be increased to provide the increased contact and armature travel.

For voltages of 48V and higher the contact gap can reach unpractical distances (>3mm) at currents higher that 25 ~ 30A which will increase the relay size dramatically. In this case FUJITSU used other techniques, like magnetic arc blow-out.

FUJITSU already uses this technique in several other high voltage / high current DC relays and recently modified an existing 12V 60A automotive relay to a version that is capable of switching 48VDC/30A at a life of 100.000 switching cycles. This relay contains 2 contacts in the 1 from U configuration. This means, 2 very strong magnets are used, in close proximity of the 2 contacts. Dimension of the relay are 20×25×16.8mm, just 5mm wider than the 12V version. The cover of the relay is sealed and the relay has a coil voltage dissipation of 850mW. Targeted applications are automotive subsystems, industrial stationary battery fed systems for solar energy storage or UPS applications.

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Fujitsu Company Information

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. is responsible for managing the sales, marketing and distribution of its relays, touch panels, thermal printer mechanisms, wireless modules, beacons and connectors in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Fujitsu Components Europe is headquartered in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

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Company:Fujitsu Components Europe B.V.
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Date: 11 February, 2016
City: Hoofddorp


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