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Projections to Reveal a Growing Global Lighting Market

Fujitsu relay solutions for the lighting industry

Fujitsu Components Europe

Hoofddorp, February 02, 2015 Fujitsu RelaysContinued population growth, increased access to electricity and advanced lighting developments are important stimuli for the growth of the global lighting market. The ever-expanding use of advanced lighting solutions for home as well as industrial applications has led to an increasing demand.

The global environmental concern and increased scarcity of resources has triggered a growing demand for energy-efficient lighting solutions. Governments are emphasizing more and more on the awareness of energy use with regulations to stimulate efficient use of energy and products with lesser environmental burden.

Fujitsu is an advocate for improved usage of resources and develops accordingly. Fujitsu relays are designed to contribute to energy-efficient use.

Fujitsu Components offers a wide range of relays suitable for the lighting market and has proven to be a reliable component supplier to a number of companies. An impression of Fujitsu relays successfully in use for lighting applications can be found below.

TLED lighting in offices

If safety is a very crucial criterion in the replacement of the TLED fixture then relays are used in a system. The relays are able to provide appropriate galvanic spacing between uninsulated accessible parts.

This safety requirement is necessary for TLEDs with connections on both ends of the tube. Suitable relays are the FTR-C1 and or FTR-B3 series. These relays can provide the necessary creepage and clearance distance, while at the same are small enough to be mounted inside the TLED tube. 

  • 2 POLE-2A High insulation/wide gap of 0.6mm
  • FTR-C1 Series
  • High surge voltage: 2,500V between open contacts
  • 5,000V between coil & contact
  • Complies with Telcordia 2nd Level Lightning Surge Test for Telecom Ports
  • Dielectric strength: 1,500VAC between open contacts 3,000VAC between coil and contact
  • 2 POLE - 2A (Low Profile Signal Relay)
  • FTR-B3 Series
  • Complies with Telcordia GR1089/ FCC part 68
    • Isolation distance: min. 1.6mm
    • Dielectric strength between coil and contact: 1,500VAC
    • Surge strength: 2,500V

LED lighting in greenhouses

For this application relays are used to control the lighting ballast. The aim is to reduce energy costs through LED greenhouses light modules. In greenhouses the light intensity depends on the actual intensity of the daylight entering the greenhouse. In order to save energy at full daylight conditions, the LEDs are dimmed by the driver to a very light level, but the driver itself still consumes energy. The JS series is our recommendation to switch off the drivers completely.


  • 1 POLE - 8A Medium Load Control 
  • Low profile and space saving 
  • Height: 12.5mm - Mounting space: 290mm² 
  • High insulation in small package 
  • Insulation distance: 8.0mm (between coil and contacts) 
  • Dielectric strength: 5,000VAC 
  • Surge strength: 10,000V

LED emergency driver

In this application the relay for the emergency driver is put between the LED driver and LED module. In emergency mode when mains power is off, the relay will switch from the LED driver to the LED emergency driver and will provide power to LED module. As the mains will be off there will be no power to switch, the relay will operate and the LED module will be driven from the emergency unit. Our product proposal is the FTR-C2 series.


  • 2 POLE - 2A High Insulation Wide Contact Gap of 2mm
  • FTR-C2 Series
  • Insulation: Clearance 2.0mm (between open contacts, coil and contacts, contact sets)
  • Creepage 2.5mm (between open contacts, coil and contacts, contact sets)

High inrush currents in lamp load circuits

In a lamp load circuit, the switch-on inrush current can be 10 to 15 times higher than the steady current. This can cause contawelding failure at the switching contacts. Therefore careful selection for a relay suitable for inrush currents is required. Our product proposal is the FTR-K1-KS 'high inrush' series.


  • 1 POLE - 16A / Inrush 120A relay
  • Peak inrush current 120A (TV-8)
  • Coil power 400mW
  • High insulation in small package (between coil and contacts)
  • Insulation distance: 10mm min.
  • Dielectric strength: 5,000VAC
  • Surge strength: 10,000V

Conventional emergency lighting

When normal power fails, the load control relay energises the load in conventional emergency light systems. A relay is used to provide emergency power to the emergency lights, by bypassing the local control device in the event of a loss of power. In normal operation, the local control dims or switches the load; when normal power is not available, the relay bypasses the local mains power and provides the light with, e.g. a battery power supply. In this application suitable relays could be the FTR-F1, JSL or FTR-K3 relay series. For battery powered emergency lights, a latching power relay is recommended.


  • 2 POLE - 8A Low Profile Type
  • Low profile power relay (height 16.5mm) employing unique construction
  • High insulation by employing reinforced insulation construction
  • Insulation distance: 8mm (between coil and contact)
  • Dielectric strength: 5,000V (between coil and contact)
  • Surge strength: 10,000V (between coil and contact)


  • 1 POLE - 8A Polarized Latching Type
  • Small footprint
  • Width: 10mm
  • Height: 12.5mm
  • High insulation
  • Insulation distance: 8mm (between coil and contacts)
  • Dielectric strength: 5,000VAC (between coil and contacts)
  • Surge strength: 10,000V between coil and contacts)


  • 1 POLE - 20A Heavy Load
  • Low profile and #250 tab terminal types are also available
  • Low coil power (780mW)
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Fujitsu Company Information

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. is responsible for managing the sales, marketing and distribution of its relays, touch panels, thermal printer mechanisms, wireless modules, beacons and connectors in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Fujitsu Components Europe is headquartered in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

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