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New Fujitsu scanners set new standard for desktop scanning

New fi-7180/fi-7280 and fi-7160/fi-7260 scanners optimise results throughout the capture process

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe

London, November 05, 2013
  • New hardware and PaperStream software optimised for perfect results
  • Acclaimed user interface turns dedicated capture devices into universal scanners
  • Best in class scanners for knowledge workers' desktops

Today the new fi-7180/fi-7280 and fi-7160/fi-7260 document scanners have been launched in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). With its new series of scanners, Fujitsu is pursuing a comprehensive approach to document scanning: hardware and supporting software finely tuned to work together for perfect results. Featuring the new Fujitsu PaperStream IP driver and image enhancement software PaperStream Capture, the new generation of scanners will boost both efficiency and quality in the scanning of documents. Fujitsu devised the whole package to make clean, compact, and clear digital images from a wide range of document types, saving users’ time and demonstrating Fujitsu’s commitment to making document capture simple. The new models can capture up to 80 sheets/160 pages per minute (A4, colour, double-sided, 300 dpi) placing them amongst the fastest scanners for knowledge workers' desktops. At launch, users have the choice between two pure ADF scanners (fi-7160 and fi-7180) and two models that feature an integrated flatbed unit (fi-7260 and fi-7280).

fi-7180 and fi-7280

"We have devised a completely new package of hardware and software for our new generation of fi Series scanners. The components are perfectly complementary and coordinated from the ground up", says Mike Nelson, General Manager for Sales and Marketing at PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd. "We have optimised the capture process so that users can now integrate important information into downstream document-management processes more quickly and without the need for special training."

Critical for perfect results: the interplay between hard- and software

Both hardware and software are equally important in the new Fujitsu fi-7180/fi-7280 and fi-7160/fi-7260 scanners. The newly developed PaperStream IP driver and image processing middleware combined with the PaperStream Capture software offer simplified and automated batch scanning routines that intelligently convert batches of documents into predetermined work routines. "Together, our new hardware and PaperStream software delivers images of extraordinary quality and a capture process that produces optimum results that can flow directly into your business processes", explains Klaus Schulz, Manager of Product Marketing for EMEA at PFU Imaging Solutions.

iSOP – "senses" the feeding process

In addition to the industry leading paper protection feature of the previous generations, the new models introduce a premium feature into a desktop scanner – the intelligent Sonic Paper Protection mechanism iSOP. This is an acoustic noise sensor module that monitors the feeding process. It detects the sound emission of every document, recognising any sound indicating an irregularity and immediately stops the paper feed motion, saving users’ time and protecting important and valuable originals.

Top results, quickly and reliably

These new fi Series models offer USB 3.0 support and are designed to make end-to-end scanning processes faster. The fi-7180/fi-7280 models (without/with flatbed) capture up to 80 sheets/160 pages per minute (A4, colour, duplex, 300 dpi), while the fi-7160/fi-7260 models process up to 60 sheets/120 pages per minute (A4, colour, duplex, 300 dpi).

Additional functions also help deliver top results. For example, it is easy to scan a mixed batch containing sheets of different sizes and thicknesses. The scanners mechanically straighten any documents that may have been fed askew and PaperStream IP also automatically corrects any remaining irregularities. An ultrasonic sensor recognises whether two or more sheets have fed in and issues an error message. Even sticky notes do not delay the workflow as the system recognises them automatically. Further, user support is provided through the scanners’ LCD panel which provides straightforward operation flows and allows users to select profiles directly on the device, check the quantity of scanned documents or review any status messages.

Scanner central administration lowers operating costs

The scanner central administration function allows management of all of the new fi Series scanners efficiently. For example, administrators can determine scan profiles, install drivers oapplications with ease and perform updates centrally. Error messages or maintenance status updates also appear in the central management functions. The result is a much lower TotalCost of Ownership (TCO).

PaperStream IP – top-quality image processing and enhancement

PaperStream IP represents a totally new type of driver middleware. Advanced black and white and colour processing automatically converts every document into an image of extraordinary quality. Users need not worry about individual scanning parameters but are able to adjust any parameter to suit their needs to specific jobs. PaperStream IP prepares digitised data for subsequent processing such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and connects with common scanning applications that would regularly control the scanner via either the TWAIN or ISIS interface. PaperStream IP also provides a unique triple stream capability.

PaperStream Capture – optimises batch scanning

PaperStream Capture allows users to fine-tune their document work flow (including batches) at every step. Once users have scanned a batch they can instantly release it to the defined destination or place it into a queue for subsequent validation and additional processing. The software also brings flexibility when users need to add more documents to an existing batch at a later point in time: newly scanned documents of the same class or belonging to the same logical batch can be appended without the need to re-scan the entire set. Users of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and DMS (Document Management System) applications can use PaperStream Capture as a versatile onramp for document batches being fed into their productivity applications with less effort and offering better quality performance.

ScanSnap Manager for fi Series – universal everyday use

In addition to offering full-featured document capture and batch processing, the fi Series is also on hand for more ad-hoc daily tasks through the ScanSnap Manager for fi Series. This allows users to undertake individual tasks at their desks such as Scan-to-PDF, Scan-to-Email or Scan-to-Word.

The new fi-7180/fi-7280 and fi-7160/fi-7260 document scanners will be available at Fujitsu sales partners. Prices range from 1,090 Euros (904 GBP, 1,430 USD) to 2,690 Euros (2,232 GBP, 3,510 USD) plus VAT.

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Date: 05 November, 2013
City: London
Company: PFU Imaging Solutions Europe


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