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New Fujitsu fi-65F A6 counter top scanner

Scans identification documents in one second

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe

London, November 13, 2013
  • Rapid, high quality scan of A6 documents with automatic correction
  • Features quick start up, front-side scan button and USB bus power support to enhance flexibility
  • Powerful PaperStream software to boost efficiency

Fujitsu introduces the fi-65F, a new model of the market proven Fujitsu A6 flatbed scanner concept designed to scan identification documents. With a dedicated scan button and USB bus power support, the fi-65F supports fast and streamlined operation that allows for high-speed scanning. The scanner is ready for work within a second and needs just one second to scan a black and white document at 300 dpi, helping to quickly and accurately capture information in busy environments such as airport, security and hotel receptions. The fi-65F comes bundled with PaperStream Capture and PaperStream IP image enhancement and processing driver software, the most advanced image processing technology for the fi Series document scanners.


The Fujitsu flatbed scanner is the model of choice for countertop flatbed scanning of passports, driving licences, social security IDs and alike. Post offices, banks, border control and hotel receptions can benefit from its rapid operation and small size, as can users processing supporting documents for mobile phone, car rental and membership applications. The Fujitsu countertop scanner makes work more efficient and productive while also reducing customer service queues.

Enhanced operability and high-speed scanning

"Having already sold hundreds of thousands Fujitsu A6 flatbed scanners, our devices are quickly becoming the standard in efficient identity document capture", says Mike Nelson, General Manager Sales and Marketing for PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd. "Our new fi Series model is ideal for organisations and companies that need to scan identification documents on the spot as part of sign-up and sign-in customer processes," adds Klaus Schulz, Manager of Product Marketing for EMEA at PFU Imaging Solutions.

Scanning with the fi-65F is extremely fast, helping to cut down waiting periods at reception counters for customers. Ready for use in less than a second, the flatbed scanner is able to digitise a black and white A6-sized document at 300 dpi in 1 second and a colour document in 1.7 seconds. It features both a scan button that provides one touch scanning as well as USB power support that allows the scanner to be used away from the countertop or when AC power supply is not available or limited. Scanning takes just two seconds when the scanner is connected with a bus cable.

New PaperStream software for enhanced image processing

The fi-65F comes with the latest fi Series software for highest image quality: The PaperStream IP image enhancement and processing software prepares digitised data for subsequent routines and converts every document into a high quality image and connects with standard scanning applications via a TWAIN or ISIS interface. The PaperStream Capture application software optimises the entire capture process, including image enhancement, auto-correction of skewed documents, profile supported scanning and workflow.

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Date: 13 November, 2013
City: London
Company: PFU Imaging Solutions Europe


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