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The Scanner that Does More: Fujitsu's Z-Generation toRevolutionize the Market for Business Scanners

PFU introduces 4 new desktop document scanners featuring ScanSnap Productivity mode

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe

London, January 16, 2012
  • A first in desktop scanners: New ScanSnap Productivity mode allows for push-mode scanning directly from scanner to PC, network drive or into business processes
  • Market-leading scanner family for Scan-to-Process solutions now combines best of both worlds: ultra-high performance and image quality of fi-series with the flexibility and convenient access to individual personal productivity tools
  • Powerful capture software and patented image-processing technology for improved intuitive operation, automatic job separation and image enhancement
  • Amongst the fastest business document scanners in class: four new fi-series premium models up to 50% faster than predecessors and super quiet operation for use in office environments
  • New, central administration console allows for remote scanner deployment, faster problem resolution and ultra-low total cost

Fujitsu company PFU Imaging Solutions, Europe's market leader in document scanners for professional users, is now expanding its Scan-to- Process strategy by introducing the new Z-Generation with four new fi-series premium scanners. For the first time ever, a knowledge worker can now use the high-performance business class Fujitsu document scanners tailored to his or her requirements: At the touch of a single button, the user can either integrate a document into a business process (Scan-to-Process) or send it to a PC (ScanSnap Productivity mode). With these innovative and revolutionary features PFU is the first vendor to introduce the convenient personal productivity mode, well-known from its ScanSnap series, to workgroup desktop business scanners with ultra-high performance and image quality. This means streamlining organizational processes and increasing productivity, flexibility and efficiency. The new premium models come equipped with a new central administration console to reduce the total cost of ownership by providing easier installation and troubleshooting from a centralized IT panel. These new offerings are up to fifty percent faster than their predecessors and very quiet for use in office environments. For improved, intuitive operation, automatic job separation and image enhancement, the new Z-Generation comes equipped with embedded image processing technology and powerful new capture software ScandAll PRO V2.

The new ScanSnap Productivity mode allows customers to utilize their scanners for additional ad-hoc scanning activities such as Scan-to-PDF, Scan-to-Word, and much more in addition to their Scan-to-Process requirements. This enables companies to gain more value from their scanner investments and raise employee productivity significantly. The new models fi-6130Z, fi-6230Z, fi-6140Z, and fi-6240Z run at speeds of up to 120 images per minute (A4, color, 200dpi) being among the fastest models for desktop and workgroup use. Paper documents of diverse sizes can be scanned in a batch which can include up to three embossed credit cards. To protect sensitive documents, the models also feature a new multi-feed and paper protection mechanism which reliably detects abnormal paper movement.

Central, company-wide management

It will also be easier for administrators to manage multiple scanners in the enterprise: The new Z-Generation models integrate into common IT management environments and allow administrators to perform updates or modifications as well as to define and distribute job profiles for each and every scanner in the company – simultaneously from a central location. The bottom line: administration becomes more transparent, problem resolution proceeds more quickly, scanning becomes easier, and costs roll back significantly by reducing administration, service, support and training costs.

“We’ve combined the best of both worlds: The utmost performance and image quality of our market-leading fi-series business class scanners coupled with the convenient access to personal productivity mode from our renowned ScanSnap series. This revolutionary combination leads to higher flexibility and productivity. In the future, we envision a paradigm shift in scanning where knowledge workers use scanners to push all their paper-based documents into business processes by the push of a button – regardless of destination. Intelligent scanner software and centrally managed scan profiles will enable companies to introduce this concept consistently throughout the enterprise”, says Klaus Schulz, Manager of Product Marketing EMEA at PFU Imaging Solutions.

Flexibility to maximize ROI

The new concept of Scan-to-Process – the prompt integration of digitized paper documents by the push of a button into business processes – provides a route to greater efficiency for many businesses. Up until now, however, the technology that would enable departmental scanners to consistently meet this objective has been lacking. “After all, a scanner isn’t just there to perform a dedicated task or serve a single application. Knowledge workers have to be able to derive as much benefit from their scanner as possible,” explains Schulz. “Hence, a department or production scanner should be able to function as a personal scanner as well. At the same time, operation and administration of the scanners should require as little effort as possible. Combining these options enables customers to derive maximum return on their investment and raise their employees’ productivity.”

ScandAll PRO ScanSnap Mode screengrab

Availability and prices

The four new Z-Generation scanners will be available at PFU dealers starting from January 16, 2012. In addition to an automatic document feeder, the fi-6230Z and fi-6240Z scanners feature an additional built-in flatbed unit. Prices for the new models begin at 1,050 Euros/920 GBP/1,501 USD (net of value-added tax). ScandAll PRO V2 and the patented VRS image-processing technology VRS 5.0 Professional by Kofax, moreover, are standard on all four models. Customers who are using predecessor models of the fi-series may purchase the new Z-Generation software ScandAll PRO V2 and the ScandAll PRO Premium option for 2D code recognition and indexing, which is included with fi-6140Z and fi-6240Z.

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Date: 16 January, 2012
City: London
Company: PFU Imaging Solutions Europe