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PFU production scanner fi-6800 takes EMEA markets by storm

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe

London, January 12, 2011

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited, within Fujitsu, responsible for document scanners, today recognised the accolades of its popular production scanner, the fi- 6800. The fi-6800 has been acknowledged as the No.1 selling midvolume production scanner in UK & Ireland and has won Hardware Product of the Year in the UK DM Awards 2010.

The Fujitsu fi-6800 scanner is one of the best performing A3 image scanners within its price range, offering businesses improvements on automation, productivity and reduction of costs. The device supports unmatched automatic functions that make scanner operating tasks easy, fast and energy efficient.

Award winning production scanning device

At the 2010 Document Management Awards, organised by UK’s leading publication, Document Manager magazine, the fi-6800 scanner was selected as the winner of the prestigious Hardware Product of the Year award. The award is presented for the most outstanding hardware product that has had the most significant impact on document management and enterprise content management implementations.

Klaus Schulz, Manager Product Marketing EMEA, PFU Imaging Solutions comments on the win: “We are extremely proud that the fi-6800 has been recognised as hardware product of the year in such an esteemed awards ceremony. For us, who have been in the document management industry for decades, it is a recognition of our commitment to this industry and at the same time our obligation to continue to focus on providing best in class products that truly deliver business value for our customers.”

Dave Tyler, Editor of Document Manager magazine notes, “Document Manager magazine has been reporting on the document and content management sectors for nearly twenty years now, and there has rarely been a period when stories and products from Fujitsu haven't featured in our pages. Their double win at this year's DM Awards (Company of the Year and Hardware Product of the Year) reflects their continuing determination to stay at the top of their game.”

Production scanner of choice in UK and Ireland

Fujitsu scanners are also proving popular and efficient with industry sources and organisations outside of the print media. Infosource SA, a market research company based in Geneva, Switzerland has acknowledged Fujitsu as the market leader in the Mid- Volume Production scanner segment in the UK and Ireland market for the first half of Calendar Year 2010, with more than 4 in every 10 MVP class scanners sold being a Fujitsu scanner.

In UK and Ireland, for the same period, Fujitsu also enjoyed the market leading position in all five of the document scanner segments they sell scanners in: Personal, Desktop – Workgroup, Departmental, Low-Volume Production and Mid-Volume Production, with over 1 in every 2 scanners sold being a Fujitsu scanner.

Klaus Schulz continued, “When companies require scanning to address their business objectives, they look to Fujitsu from low volume desktop scanners up to high end 270 images per minute back office devices. We are pleased that our customers, the channel and the overall industry acknowledge the fi-6800 and Fujitsu’s other family of scanners as the number one capture choice for document management.”

Price and Availability

The Fujitsu fi-6800 is available through our regular EMEA distribution channels at a recommended retail price of EURO 15.994 / GBP 13.323 / USD 20.792 (plus VAT).

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Date: 12 January, 2011
City: London
Company: PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited